About Us

What is Biomat Store?

Biomat Store is an Authorized Richway Distributor company.  We have been selling and providing customer service to Richway customers for over fifteen years.  We fell in love with Richway products, in particular, the Biomat, and decided to hitch our wagon to Richway, so to speak.  We think the real question isn't who we are but, more importantly, what is an Authorized Richway Distributor?


Richway International itself does not sell to the public.  Instead, when they formed the company in 1997 (or rather bought out an existing company), they had two choices.  The first would have been to hire a sales team, customer service representatives and an advertising company, spending a lot of money on world-wide advertising, which wouldn't have worked. 

Authorized Richway Distributor in text with Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. logo

Think about the learning curve on these products.  Not many people know about far infrared rays (FIR) and their effect on health.  Not many people know what negative ions are.  Richway would have had to spend a great deal of money on infomercials because sixty-second ads wouldn't have cut it.  For a company starting out, this first option just wasn't an option.


So they decided to create a distributor network and let their distributors do the heavy lifting when it came to advertising, educating, selling and customer service.


EVERY website you see with the ability to sell Richway products is owned by a distributor, not Richway.


We have been a Richway Authorized Distributor company since 2007.  

Why Should You Choose Us?

So how DO you set yourself apart from the other distributors when we all have to sell the products at the same price? That's easy.


Before we say anything else, just know that every product purchased from this site is THE LATEST MODEL AND IS SHIPPED DIRECTLY FROM RICHWAY'S WAREHOUSE.  


Richway distributorships are an MLM (multi-level marketing).  The idea is that you sign up to be a distributor under another distributor and the distributor you sign up under teaches you how to be a distributor in exchange for making money off of your sales.  Most Richway distributors play this game.  They focus on signing up distributors to make money passively off of their sales instead of selling and servicing the products themselves.  They are more interested in passive income than doing the work or taking care of their customers.  


We do not play the game.  We have never been interested in signing up people to be distributors.  We just love the products and want to share them with the world.  We just want to sell them and provide excellent customer service like a true distributor.  We honestly feel like we are helping our customers because we know that these  products do what they say they can do.  We USE these products every day.  Because of our passion for the products and because of the time we spend talking to and educating our customers about the products, we have learned more than most distributors about them.  If you call us, we won't just spit out what's in the brochures.  We have conversations with our customers that last hours EVERY day.  We answer the phone EVERY time.  In fact, we don't even have business hours.  If our phone rings, we answer it not only because this is our primary way of making a living, but also because we LOVE those conversations!


But because it IS our primary way of making a living, we do this FULL time unlike the majority of other distributors who just do it as a side gig and as stated above, WE ANSWER THE PHONE, BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR PURCHASE.  And because we've done this full time for fifteen years, there isn't much about a Biomat we don't know.  Most other distributors sell one or two here and there and selling these products is how you learn about them.  We've sold thousands of Biomats.  In fact, there are probably only a dozen or so distributors in the world that do this full time.


Part of the reason for this is that learning curve we spoke of earlier and because these products are not cheap.  Both of these factors make selling Biomats a job that's not for everyone.  To do this full time, you have to know your products AND take care of your customers and not many other distributors have the time or the want to do that.  Anyone can become a Richway distributor and most people sign up thinking magic fairy dust will fall from the sky and make them a millionaire.  Nothing works that way.  You have to do the work and we do it...every day, SEVEN days a week.


There's something else you should be aware of: because most of the other distributors do this part-time and have day jobs, they are not as fully invested.  If they lose their distributorship by breaking the rules or negatively effecting a customer, they can go on about their lives.  For that reason, be careful of whom you are buying from.  Many times other distributors will sell you their stock which does not come with a warranty.  They may even offer you a discount and if you buy a Biomat at a discount, it is not coming from Richway which means you get no warranty.  Richway dictates that we all sell at the prices they dictate. Is a discount worth losing your warranty?  We don't believe it is. We know these products are expensive, but they are also electronic.  These products are really well-made but like ANY electronic device, they can fail.  A discount is just not worth losing the warranty.


The one thing you can always count on with us is honesty.  We have been doing this a long time so we can set expectations where they should be.  We get a lot of business so we don't need to embellish or use blackhat sales practices to get the sale.  This is why we have more repeat customers than any other distributor.


Richway makes awesome products.  You should get an awesome sales and customer service experience to go along with those products and we are here to give you just that.  No matter what your questions are, we are here to answer them.  Give us a call ANY time at (850) 348-1541.


Matt Storrar

Chief Executive Officer

Biomat Store