The Biomat vs Knock-Offs

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Class II Medical Device approved by the U.S. FDA

The first thing that should matter is: Does the device do what it says it can do and how do I know if they are telling the truth about that?

Biomats are registered with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device (FDA Approved Medical Device #2954299). The Biomat has a 510 (k). All Richway products are registered in the countries where they are sold.

Not Approved by Any Agency

Want to know if the product you are looking at is approved by the FDA? You can search their database for free. All medical device importers must be registered with the FDA but are not. The manufacturer could be listed but the importer is not. We are at a loss as to how they get away with it, but since we have nothing to hide and want people to have the facts, we register and keep compliant.

25 Years Strong

Just over 25 years ago, Richway & Fuji Bio made its first far infrared ray and negative ion-producing Biomat. Since then, Richway has not only poured a huge investment into further research and development and produced improved models (the Biomat 7000mx is the fifth generation), but it has listened to the health professionals that have used them and incorporated those thoughts into the Biomat's development. Fuji Bio is the manufacturer and is part of the Richway corporation. So our mats are made in-house.

Only In the Last Fifteen Years

We didn't even see a single knock-off to our products until fifteen years ago. Most that you see today have been around for less than a decade. These mats are mostly made by manufacturers in China that were paid to give the importer the best imitation it could of the Biomat. Notice how many of them have the same look as the Biomat, a look that Richway has had since day one. Importers buy these mats in bulk and put their own names on them.

Used by Health Care Professionals

Richway Biomats are used all over the world by healthcare professionals of all types. About 1/3 of our Professional Biomat sales go to registered healers, including doctors, nurses, specialists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, reiki instructors, yoga teachers, dentists, holistic practitioners and integrative medical professionals. Thousands of health practitioners around the globe use the Biomat.

Not Used by Professionals

Before you buy an imitation, ask the company where their mat is being used in a professional setting. Without FDA approval, the answer is nowhere.

Research and Publication

The Biomat has been featured in books, used in studies and written about in several publications. The 4th Treatment by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu,M.D.Ph.D. (former director of Yokohama General Hospital) is a prime example.

No Show

Ask the company of the imitation you are looking at where there has ever been a study or publication referencing their specific product. Companies like to reference evidence that their products work but all they are really doing is pointing you to research using other products, technology, or science. There is no evidence their products work like a Biomat.


The Biomat is made in Fuji Bio's Korean medical supply facility under the watchful eye of strict quality control and environmental standards personnel. Richway researches, designs, and manufactures all of its products in-house. There is no partner manufacturer or importer as Richway and Fuji Bio is the same company.

No Quality Control

The importers of imitation mats are not the ones making them so they have to rely on what another company (the manufacturer) is telling them. There is no quality control and no way for the seller of the imitation to prove that quality standards are adhered to because they are not making them nor do they have any power to compel the manufacturer to prove anything.

Top Layer

Many underestimate the importance of the top layer of the Biomat. It is not just there to make it look pretty. Thick natural cotton fibers and durable polyurethane are used to allow the fabric to breathe and allow the far infrared rays and negative ions to easily escape and penetrate the body. The construction of this top layer is built to last yet function for the purposes of maximum healing. No glues are used in the making of the Biomat.

Falling Apart

The imitation mats use glue to hold rocks in place that come apart after heating. Synthetic fibers are used which are counter to healing and do not breathe. Some wrinkle over time due to the heat and some use mesh material that snags and rips easily.

Graphic with text saying, "Got Questions? Call 850-348-1541".

Quality & Safety

The Biomat controller is a state-of-the-art device. It features an IC chip that allows for EMF protection, temperatures shown in both Fahrenheit and Celcius, a shutdown timer, and a step-down temperature function for safety. Biomats are inspected at every step and surpass safety standards, and are NRTL certified for electrical safety.

Controller Confusion

The imitation controllers have little or no "function" besides temperature, which is vague. There are no specific temperature settings as they are more like heating pad controllers covering various temperatures. There are no safety features in place.

Function and Durability

We know customers that have had their Biomats for over a decade and they are still working great. Richway has a repair policy that allows you to get your Biomat repaired at a low cost even after the three-year warranty is up. How many electronic devices even have a three-year warranty?

The Biomat's thermal protection layer (see The 17 Layers of the Biomat) maximizes the far infrared heat and negative ions that reach the user while protecting the surface it is laid upon.

Counter-productive Function & Cheap Construction

Many of the imitations have no control over where the heat goes, resulting in a lot of it being lost in translation and affecting the surface the mat is laid upon. The surface underneath can be damaged. Flimsy construction is a huge problem with knock-offs. Many other mats contain synthetic fabrics which are unhealthy and often warp due to the heat.

Look at any imitation and try to find their 3-year warranty. Don't spend too much time, it doesn't exist.

Crystal Quality

Richway owns the amethyst mine that the crystals are mined from for use in the Biomat, which gives them full control of the quality. The mine is located in South Korea where the best quality amethyst in the world is located. Richway uses pure, natural, untreated amethyst. No ceramic fillers are used. Richway's black tourmaline is inspected by experts before being used.

Crystal Inequality

Many imitations use synthetic or chemically treated gemstones. They do this to enhance the color and like anything natural that is chemically treated, a lot of the natural healing potential is washed away in the process. Textile factories in China are using "bio-ceramic tourmaline balls" that don't produce as many negative ions to keep costs down. Importers then "certify" these stones to convince customers of their effectiveness.

Patented Layers

The Biomat has two patented layers. The peach and grape seed layer produces more natural far infrared output. The TOCA layer is comprised of black tourmaline that results in the Biomat producing more negative ions than any other mat.

What Patents?

Knock-offs don't hold any patents for their mats. Generic materials are used.