Richway Biomat Distributor

Requirements to Become a Richway Biomat Distributor


Selling Biomats requires passion and belief in the product's ability to improve health. The high cost of Biomats also requires a commitment to educating customers and helping them understand the benefits of the product. Passion and belief in the product's effectiveness are necessary for successful sales.


More people are turning away from Western medicine and looking for alternative options such as Eastern medicine. The focus is shifting towards addressing core issues rather than just symptoms. Integrative medicine, combining Eastern and Western practices, is becoming more popular. Richway International distributors need to be aware of the healthcare landscape and knowledgeable about the benefits of Biomats in order to connect with people seeking alternative treatments.


Becoming a successful Richway distributor requires finding the right venue to sell Biomats, as simply selling to family and friends may not bring much return. Options include selling at health fairs, through social media, or within healthcare systems, but it is important to carefully consider the competition and your own passion and abilities before making a decision.

Distributor Kit

To maximize commissions and bonuses right away, distributors should purchase a distributor kit and products totaling $1500 or more in the same week. This qualifies them for 3 business centers, which are necessary to qualify for higher levels of commissions and binary bonuses. Binary bonuses are a lucrative part of the compensation plan for distributors. With a full distributorship, distributors can earn rewards as their team grows, regardless of how many sales they make. By investing in the Professional Biomat, distributors become qualified as full distributors and have access to popular products for demonstration purposes. Once the 3 business centers are set up, there is no need to purchase anything else unless optional business builder packs are desired to accelerate business growth.

Purchase a Richway International Biomat Distributor Kit

Accelerate Business Growth By Purchasing Business Centers

Having multiple business centers increases your chances of earning higher binary bonuses. You earn one point for every $500 worth of product sold under your business centers. Points can be generated through various sales activities within your down-line. You can earn a $400, $800, or $1200 binary bonus based on your rank and sales from your down-line. The more business centers you have, the more bonuses you can earn each week. Demonstrating products to potential customers can increase sales. Active distributors can qualify for higher bonuses by purchasing additional business centers. You can do this by putting orders in through your upline's website. Adding more business centers increases your chances of earning bigger bonuses. Feel free to inquire for more details if you are interested in this option.

Avoid This One Mistake When Choosing to Become a Richway Distributor

Joining Richway International as a distributor requires signing up under an existing distributor, who will teach and guide you. Success as a Richway distributor depends on the quality of your upline and their ability to teach you how to sell high-ticket items like the Biomat. Only a limited number of distributors worldwide are qualified to teach success in selling the Biomat. We have been selling Richway products for over 18 years now.

Signing up with the wrong distributor can be disastrous for your business.  How well you do is directly linked to who teaches you the ropes.

There is no monthly auto-ship order or sales minimum to worry about. You won't have to stock, ship, or deliver inventory - we take care of everything for you. Once you reach a certain level of success, you can maintain it without any deadlines - go at your own pace.

Start your journey with a free personalized website, virtual office, full sales and training support, and assistance with strategic sales placement.

Biomat Stores is excited to help you succeed as a distributor. We provide all the tools you need - product information, sales training, and technology for easy sales input on your free website.

So Why Sign Up With Us?

Biomat Stores has been selling Richway products for over 18 years and for 15 of those years, we've been doing it full time. We sell hundreds of Biomats each and every year. There isn't anything about Biomats that we don't know. There also isn't anything about being a Richway distributor we don't know. Sure, we've made mistakes along the way, like any business, but we've learned from those mistakes and that's why you don't need to make them if you sign up with us. We only encourage people who are passionate, aware, and are sure they have a venue. If you meet that criteria, we promise to be there every step of the way and help you grow your business.

There are no monthly auto-ship orders or sales minimums to maintain as a Biomat distributor. You won't need to handle inventory, shipping, or delivery - we take care of all that for you. Once you reach a certain level of success, you can maintain it with no deadlines, allowing you to work at your own pace.

As a Biomat distributor, you will receive a virtual office, full sales and training support, and assistance with strategic sales placement. Biomat Stores is here to support you in your new distributor business by providing essential tools, product information, sales training, and technology.