Learn all about the Richway Biomat by using the links below.  If you have any questions, please call (850) 348-1541 or send us an email at info@biomatstores.com.

Biomat controller with the functions explained

How the Biomat Works

Learn about the technology behind the Biomat including it's construction, how the controller works and about EMF interception.

William Herschel sitting at a desk in front of a book with a pen in one hand

Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

Learn about far infrared rays, invisible light in the electromagnetic spectrum, the benefits of FIR and the history of far infrared light and the Biomat.

lightning bolt against a cloudy night sky

Negative Ions

Learn about negative ions, nature's superconductor, and how they benefit our health, as well as how the Biomat produces them.

Amethyst crystal cluster


Learn about amethyst and it's history as nature's superconductor and tranquilizer, as well as why Richway uses it in the Biomat.

The Mini Biomat

How to Use the Biomat

Learn to set up and turn on the Biomat and learn all about the different temperature settings and how they give different experiences with the Biomat.

Nurse holding heart and American flag with the Stature of Liberty faded into it

Professional Healer & Military Discounts

Richway gives $100 off the Professional Biomat to healers of any kind, first responders and retired/active duty military. 

Professional Biomat on top with the text "vs" below it and a heating pad and electric blanket below the text

The Biomat vs Heating Pads & Blankets

Learn about the enormous difference between a Biomat and conventional heating pads and electric blankets.

circle with a line through it with the text "imitations" in the middle of the circle and with the line going through it

The Biomat vs Knock-Offs

Learn about the many advantages the Biomat has over the products that try to imitate it, including quality, safety and healing power.

A big purple question mark


These are the questions we get the most from customers.  Here you will find the answers you seek and more!

Purple background with text that says "FDA Approved Medical Device 510 (k) Number: K072534"

Biomat Certifications

All of the Biomat's certifications including, but not limited to: FDA device numbers, electrical certifications and amethyst authenticity verification.

Yellow street sign with "safety first" in text

Biomat Safety & Contraindications

Learn about conditions that require caution when using the Biomat and safety measures to take for people with certain situations.