You can use the Biomat User Manual as reference - download


We'd like to offer some advice before you get started.  The thing to always keep in mind is that on green, yellow and orange settings you are detoxifying your body.  It's an easy thing to forget.  We mention this because everyone is different.  Some people have high levels of toxicity, some don't. There is no exact formula for using the Richway Biomat for this reason.  So the best advice we can give you is this: Stay hydrated and go slow at first.  Start out on a low setting for fifteen minutes, get up for a couple hours and see how you feel.  If you feel good after doing this a couple times, bump up the time or temperature little by little until you reach the setting you are comfortable with.  If you try detoxifying your body too quickly, you will feel it in your stomach.  If that should happen, don't panic, that's just your body's natural way of telling you to go slower.  If you build up to the time you want to use, and use it on a consistent basis, you should be able to enjoy any setting you desire after a couple weeks. 


You can also use natural fiber sheets or blankets to pad the Biomat to make it more comfortable and to drape over yourself to keep the heat in, although neither of these suggestions are necessary to enjoy the Biomat. The Infinity Power Pad is waterproof and can help with keeping sweat off of the Biomat (especially in a professional setting where multiple people outside the family are using it) and it allows the therapies to get to you better than regular quilts, blankets or sheets.  Also, the Quantum Energy Pad also allows for maximum treatment while providing a cushy padding for comfort.  Remember: Stay hydrated.  Thanks for considering the Biomat! 

Setting up your biomat

We're not going to over-complicate this process.  When you get your Biomat, you will find it, the controller and a cotton pad in the case.  Take these three parts out and strap the cotton pad over all four corners and lay the Biomat in an environment where you can relax.  Plug the controller into the Biomat.  The connection that goes to the Biomat should be obvious.  Then plug the other end of the cord into an appropriate electrical outlet.  Your Biomat is now ready to use.


If you would like to use some more padding with the Biomat, we recommend adding a 100% cotton sheet or comforter.  Synthetic materials have been proven to not be healthy for us to wear so heating them up while trying to get therapy is counter-productive.  As long as you use a completely natural fiber, you can add padding to the Biomat and still get treatment.  However, to feel the heat the best, just use the cotton pad.  

Turning on the biomat

MINI BIOMAT - The power button is on the face of the controller at the bottom.  When the button is pressed, you should see the power indicator light (to the left of the power button) come on.  


PROFESSIONAL/SINGLE/QUEEN/KING - You must first turn on the main power switch on the bottom side of the controller.  Once this is done, you can push the power button on the face of the controller (bottom right).


After your Biomat is turned on, you must set the desired temperature using the temperature up and down buttons.  Once this is done, you can select a time duration by using the timer buttons.  Now you are ready to use your Biomat.  We recommend waiting ten to fifteen minutes to let it warm up but you don't have to.

Temperature settings

No Color

Session time: As long as you want.

At this setting, all you are experiencing is negative ions and amethyst healing.  There are no far infrared rays or warmth.

Blue Settings 95° - 104°F (35°-40°C) =

Session time: As long as you want.

On blue settings, you are experiencing is negative ions and amethyst healing with low level infrared heat.  These settings are good for:

·         All night, every night use while enjoying regenerative sleep

·         Long-term health benefits via accumulation by using regularly

·         Relief from anxiety, wounds, stomach upset, headaches

·         Low-level detoxification

·         Regeneration at the cellular level

·         Overall cooling of the body from hot flashes. Cools body temperature.

·         Great for beginners.  Detoxifying too fast, for some people, will cause stomach upset.  It’s best to work up to the higher temperatures and longer times.  

Green Settings 113°-122°F (45°-50°C) =

Session time: 20 minutes to 1.5 hrs

On green settings, you get negative ions, amethyst and mild infrared heat.  These settings are good for:

·         Daily relaxation

·         Athletic warm-up and rehabilitation

·         Mild stress relief

·         Muscle and pain relief

·         Longer amounts of time

·         Trying to balance blood sugar and blood pressure

·         Allergy, asthma and respiratory relief

·         Mild detoxification

·         Insomnia relief

·         Professionals (chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, etc) to use during sessions for a value added service.

Yellow Settings 131°-140°F (55°-60°C) =

Session time: 10 minutes to an hour

Drink water before and after use

On yellow settings, you are experiencing negative ions, amethyst and deep infrared heat.  These settings are good for:

·         Deeper relaxation

·         Better circulation where applied

·         Chronic stress, anxiety and digestion problem relief

·         Increased sexual vitality

·         Deeper detoxification

·         Higher level of pain relief

·         Before sleeping to help with insomnia

·         Deeper joint and muscle pain relief

·         Back pain relief

·         Muscle spasms

Orange Settings 149°-158°F (65°-70°C) =

Session time: 10-45 minutes


On orange settings, you are experiencing negative ions, amethyst and a high, sauna-like heat.  These settings are good for:

·         High-level detoxification

·         Maximum pain relief

·         Maximum stress, anxiety, depression relief

·         Exfoliating skin

·         Inducing weight loss

·         Raising body temperature

·         Toxicity cleanse

·         Viral remedy

·         Revitalize metabolism and nervous system functions

·         Promoting normal organ functions

·         Maximum immune system boost

·         Sauna experience (can use natural fiber blankets on top of you to keep heat in)