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What is the Biomat?

The Richway Amethyst BIomat is an FDA-approved therapeutic medical device that produces far infrared rays and negative ions.  The far infrared rays are produced by patented heating panels that warm a layer of high-quality amethyst which is known for naturally emitting far infrared light. By heating the amethyst, the light waves are strengthened and elongated by 200 times allowing them to penetrate 6-8 inches into the human body, which produces a gentle heat that dilates blood vessels to increase circulation and relax muscles, along with a whole host of other health benefits such as reducing inflammation and stress, improving the immune system, detoxifying the body, and providing pain relief.  The Biomat also produces negative ions via a tourmaline-infused layer that when heated generates 1500 negative ions per cubic centimeter.  These ions purify the air around the Biomat and aid in making the infrared therapy more effective, as well as improving oxygenation, cell communication, improving mood, focus, and alleviating depression. By using the amethyst crystals to generate infrared light, the Richway Amethyst BIomat offers a natural, non-invasive, and effective way to support health and wellness.

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How do I use the Biomat?

We refer you to the following page: How To Use The Biomat.

Who can use the Biomat?

The simple answer is anyone, but there are safety precautions and two situations where the Biomat is not recommended for use. Please see the Biomat safety precautions and contraindications. And, yes, Biomats are safe for pets in lower settings. The only danger with higher settings for your pet would be dehydration. So monitor your pets while on the Biomat and keep them at lower settings.

What is the Biomat FDA-approved for?

The FDA indications for the Biomat: temporary relief of minor muscle pain, minor joint pain, muscle spasms, joint pain associated with arthritis, minor sprains, minor strains, minor muscular back pain, relaxation of muscles, and increase of local circulation where applied.

Can I sleep on my Biomat?

Yes! Sleeping on a Biomat can bring many long-term benefits such as detoxification, energy, and an improved immune system. We do recommend that you build up to doing that, however, because one of the things the Biomat may do immediately is start detoxification. Detoxifying your body too quickly can cause stomach upset. So we recommend building up to the time and temperature of the setting you want to sleep with before doing so. But many people love sleeping on their Biomats and find that the long exposure times on a low setting can have many benefits over time if done consistently. If you want to fall asleep while the mat is at at higher setting, don't worry. The Biomat has an automatic step-down function that will start lowering the temperature after 75 minutes. Some people love the firmness of the Biomat, but some would sleep on it if there was a way to make it softer. That's where the Quantum Energy Pad comes in handy because it adds a layer of comfort to the Biomat while adding healing benefits of its own.

To learn more about sleeping on a Biomat, see our blog post, Frequently Asked Question: Can I Sleep on a Biomat?

What size Biomat is right for me?

We get this question a lot. Most are referring to choosing between the Professional Biomat and the Mini Biomat but we've had people ask about the bed sizes too when trying to make a decision. In regards to the Mini Biomat versus the Professional Biomat, we recommend you consider the following: 1. How much more will you use the Biomat if you can take it with you everywhere and use it? Would you use it more if it was that portable? Then maybe the Mini is for you. 2. Do you want a full-body experience, a more sauna-like experience? Are you using it in a professional capacity? Do you want to sleep on your Biomat from time to time? Then maybe the Professional Biomat is for you. Keep in mind the Professional is covering your whole body so the results are relative. Not only is the Professional Biomat's output of far infrared rays and negative ions more, but your whole body is in contact with the therapy at once. That being said, also keep in mind that how much you use your Biomat will affect results too and the Mini Biomat is so versatile and portable, that some people may use it more often and with more consistency.

As far as the bed sizes go, you really just have to consider these two things: 1. Do you KNOW you want to sleep on a Biomat every night? 2. Are you going to be happy with only using it in the bedroom? In other words, do you need it to be portable at all? If you do know you want to sleep on one every night and you don't need it to be portable, then maybe a bed size is right for you and you should choose the size that fits your mattress. The bed sizes get hefty. So they are meant to be put on a bed and left there for the most part.

Here is the way we like to describe the different Biomats and the real differences between them.

Mini Mat: The Mini Biomat is the smallest Biomat. It's 2.75 feet long and about 1.5 feet wide. It contains 7.28 pounds of amethyst and tourmaline crystals. It fits great in a chair or on the couch, but can also be laid on a bed to lie on top of or to drape over you.  Its the most versatile, portable, and flexible Biomat.

Professional Biomat: The Professional Biomat is made for healing tables of all kinds, including chiropractors, massage tables, and medical tables. It is a little wider than 2.5 feet and a little longer than 6.5 feet. It contains a little over 16 pounds of amethyst crystals. The Professional Biomat is also great for home use as it easily packs away in the suitcase (with wheels) that it comes in. However, it weighs about three times more than a Mini.  It is meant only to be laid on. Unlike the Mini, it will not fit in an office chair.  It is, however, the most affordable full-length Biomat and the best-selling Biomat.

Single Biomat: The Single Biomat is made for a single-size or twin bed or is even great to just cover one-half of a queen or king-sized bed. The Single is just shy of being 3 feet wide and 6.5 feet long. It contains 22 pounds of amethyst crystals which are spread evenly over the entire face of the biomat under a clear cover. 

Queen Biomat: The Queen Biomat is perfect for a couple because each side of the mat can be controlled separately from the same controller. It fits perfectly on a queen-sized bed. The Queen is 4.5 feet wide and 6.5 feet long and contains just over 33 pounds of amethyst.

King Biomat: Each half of the King Biomat can, like the Queen, be controlled separately with one controller. Each side of the controller controls its respective size's temperature and settings. It's perfect for the king-sized bed and contains just over 38 pounds of amethyst.

If you are still confused as to what Biomat is right for you, see How To Choose The Right Biomat For You.

Where can I use the Biomat and on what?

First, size is going to matter, right? If you have a bed size Biomat (King, Queen, Single), then you need to put it on your bed. A Professional is made to go on a bed, a wide sofa, the floor, a massage or doctor's table, or a contoured lounge chair (yes, it will eventually take the shape of the surface you use it on most). The Mini Biomat can pretty much be used anywhere. You can sit with it under you or behind your back. You can contour it around your waist. It is more flexible than the bigger mats. You can lie on top of it or drape it over your midsection.  You can use the Biomat on just about any surface, including a memory foam mattress, due to the heat-reflecting layer on the back of it.  Even at its highest temperatures, the bottom of the Biomat does not get hot.

What are EMFs and is using the Biomat exposing me to them?

EMFs are electromagnetic fields produced by every electronic device and have been proven harmful to the human body. Unlike conventional heating pads, electric blankets, and other infrared mat knockoffs, The Biomat has an IC chip in the controller that intercepts EMFs and there are three layers in the Biomat dedicated to blocking them from getting to you. If you would like to know more, you can visit the following page: How The Biomat Works.

Biomat vs Infrared Sauna?

The differences between the Biomat and infrared saunas are many, even though they give the same type of therapy. First, cost and space. Infrared saunas are much more money and take up a lot more space in your home. Also, you are closer to the infrared therapy and negative ion therapy with a Biomat which we believe gives better benefits. Biomats are a lot more convenient in that they can be used anywhere (even the bed sizes, technically), unlike infrared saunas. Most infrared saunas do not have negative ion output. Also, the Biomat provides other temperature options than just the sauna heat.

Are there discounts or sales on the Biomat?

The only discounts offered on any Biomat are the Professional Healer, First Responder and Military Discounts. Outside of those discounts, if you see any Biomat discounted on the internet, be very cautious. Richway controls the pricing for all of its products and the only way to get a warranty on a Richway product is to buy it at the retail price.  Every once in a while, Richway will run a sale that includes bundling products or getting a free gift if you reach a certain amount purchased, but it never discounts Biomats by themselves so if you are looking to buy just one Biomat, the retail price offered by legitimate distributors is the price to pay to make sure you get a warranty.  You can check to see if there any sales or promotions going on by visiting our Promotional Sales & Deals page.

What can I use to make the Biomat more comfortable?

Some people love a firm surface to lie on but some don't. For those who prefer a less firm surface, the Biomat comes with a cotton pad that adds some cushion and prevents sweat and dirt from getting on your Biomat. This 100% cotton cover straps over all four corners to hold it in place, is machine washable and can be replaced when it gets too worn. Other than this, there are a few options. First, the Infinity Power Pad is a waterproof cover that helps distribute heat more evenly and adds just a bit more comfort. The other option is the Quantum Energy Pad, which has its own healing properties and adds much more cushion to make the Biomat more comfortable. All-natural fiber quilts or sheets are okay to pad the Biomat with as well. Just make sure the padding you use doesn't exceed an inch or two and that they are not synthetic fiber materials. Synthetic fibers are not healthy for us to wear without warming them up. So warming them up is probably not a good thing if you are doing therapy of any kind.

How long do I warm the Biomat up before using it?

That depends on the setting you wish to use. The lower the heat setting, the less time it takes. For Blue and Green settings, wait about twenty minutes. If you want to use the Yellow or Orange settings, we suggest waiting 30-40 minutes. You don't have to wait. You can lie down on it as soon as you turn it on and warm up with the Biomat, but if you want it at your desired setting before use, use these times as guidelines.

Why are Biomats more expensive than other infrared mats?

This is comparing apples to oranges. You wouldn't expect to go to a restaurant and see them cooking on a household stove, would you? The Biomat is made for professional use. It is commercial quality. The stove you use in your house costs about ten percent of what that stove at the diner costs for a reason.

For more information about why the Biomat is the gold standard in infrared mats, see Biomat vs Knock-Offs.

How long and often to see results should I use the Biomat?

Everyone is different. But for most, the short-term effects like pain relief, increased circulation, stress relief, and mood enhancement can be felt within a couple of sessions. For the long-term benefits, like detoxification, increased energy, improved immune system, and soft tissue repair, it can take up to a few weeks of consistent use. Consistency is the key. How long and how high of a temperature you use is up to your comfort level. But we suggest 20-40 minutes at a low to medium setting for the first couple of weeks until your body has detoxed enough. If you feel queasy or have a headache, these are your body's natural reactions to detoxifying too fast. Just bump down the time and temperature and ease into it. Remember, consistency is more important than how hard and how long you go, especially at first.

Can I use the Biomat after surgery or injury?

We recommend waiting until any swelling has subsided. After that, yes! Using the Biomat consistently after surgery or injury should speed up recovery time.

Where do you ship the Biomat to?  How much are the shipping prices?

Shipping cost inside the United States (except AK), Canada, and South Korea is free. If you are outside the U.S., Canada, or South Korea, please send us an email telling us what products you would like to purchase at: info@biomatstores.com. We will then send you a link to purchase with a shipping quote. Soon we will be able to offer shipping straight from the cart globally, but until then, just shoot us an email. There is no duty fee in Canada because the Biomat is a registered medical device but there will most likely be provincial fees that Richway cannot control. These fees are dictated by the province or state that you live in so check with them. The Biomat can be shipped anywhere in the world with a few exceptions.

Where is the Biomat made?

The Biomat is made in South Korea by Fuji Bio Sciences, Richway's in-house manufacturing partner. Besides Fuji Bio Science being an exceptional company to partner with, the reason the Biomat is made in South Korea is that's where the amethyst mine that Richway International owns is located. To ship the amethyst somewhere else before production would drive costs up. Other mats are made mostly in China with no quality control and then bought wholesale by importers who stick their brand name on them. The entire Biomat production process is overseen by Richway since Fuji Bio Science is owned by its corporation. Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. is a partnership made in heaven.

Will insurance cover a Biomat?

In a lot of cases, yes.  It just depends on your particular insurance policy.  We recommend you read your policy or call your insurance company to begin with and ask them.  You can read this blog post also to give you some pointers on the best ways to go about getting a Biomat covered: Can Insurance Cover a Richway Amethyst Biomat? Exploring the Possibilities