Biomat Queen 7000MX


The Biomat Queen is the queen-sized bed version of the Amethyst Biomat family, the far infrared ray and negative ion therapy mats that promote pain relief, relaxation, and increased blood circulation. Unlike the smaller versions, the Biomat Queen allows each side of the mat to be controlled separately so that two people can use it at the same time and each select their own temperature.  The Biomat Queen is an FDA-approved medical device for the temporary relief of joint pain, minor muscle pain, minor sprains, muscle spasms, arthritis pain, and minor strains, and it is also approved for the relaxation of muscles and increased circulation where applied.

Included with the Biomat Queen 7000mx:

· Biomat Queen 7000mx

· 7000MX Controller (controls each side separately)

· Zippered Storage Bag

· 100% Quilted Cotton Cover (machine washable) with Brass Pattern

· User Manual

· 1 Year Full Warranty, 3 Year Limited Warranty

· Extended life-time repairs (Care Program)


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Richway Amethyst Biomat Queen 7000mx

The Biomat Queen 7000mx is recommended for those who know they want to sleep on their Biomat every night to enjoy infrared heat that can improve their sleep quality and for the other health benefits that all Biomats offer. 

The main difference between the King and Queen Biomats versus the other BIomats is that each side can be controlled separately. Whether you’re sharing the bed, or just want to roll over and enjoy a different temperature, having the ability to control each side of the mat is a great feature. The computerized control panel has variable heat settings. This dual control unit is made by Texas Instruments.

The Biomat Queen has a clear silicon urethane panel that covers the entire surface so that you can see the beautiful, natural amethyst gems underneath, although we recommend you check out the queen-sized Quantum Energy Pad for added cushion and comfort. 

Far Infrared Heat, Negative Ions and Biomat Healing

The Biomat's technology heats amethyst stones, which naturally emit far infrared light, and amplifies it 200 times as it penetrates the body's tissues with soothing heat that provides restful sleep and relaxes tense muscles by increasing circulation and delivering oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles to speed up recovery and relieve pain.

The deep heat generated by the far infrared heat raises the internal body temperature and, similar to a fever, boosts the immune system.  

The negative ions generated by the TOCA layer in the Biomat provide a molecular-level massage by increasing communication between the cells, speeding up cellular detoxification. Negative ions can also improve mood and focus. To see what each layer of the Biomat does, see 17-layer construction.

The infrared heat also provides the elimination of toxins by detoxification through sweating. This too can improve the immune system.

The healing benefits of the Biomat are all included in the Queen-size Biomat.  

Safety First

The BioMat offers sauna benefits without heating the head or exposing users to negative EMF exposure. It has an advanced I.C. chip that blocks electromagnetic waves. The Richway Biomat is the only Infrared mat that undergoes rigorous testing and safety measures for EMF protection. Not only is there EMF protection in the controller, but three different layers of the Biomat itself are there to protect against electromagnetic exposure. And, if any part of the Biomat gets too hot, thermal sensors will automatically cut off the electric current.

The Differences Between Biomat Sizes

Unlike the Professional or Mini, the Biomat Queen is not meant to be portable. The Biomat Queen 7000mx is meant to be put on a queen-sized mattress and left there because, with almost 20 pounds of amethyst covering the face of the mat, it is too heavy to move on and off your bed frequently. And at 39.38" x 78.76" in size, it's a bit hard to move as well. The advantage to a Queen Biomat, not only over the Biomat Mini and Professional but the Single too, is that the controller is dual-sided. So two people can lay on the Biomat Queen and control their side of it separately, setting a timer and temperature settings independently of each other. So if you want to experience the sauna-like high temperatures of the Queen Biomat but your spouse wants a low-heat setting, that can be done.

The only other difference is aesthetic in that the window to see the amethyst on the face of the Biomat covers the entire face whereas the Professional and Mini have only strips where you can see the amethyst.  

The Bed-sized Amethyst Biomat 7000mx is available in Single, Queen, and King sizes. The Amethyst Pillow is sold separately. 

Biomat Queen 7000mx Specifications


1400 x 2000 mm / 55.12" x 78.76"


27 kg / 59.52 lbs. without controller

Electric Consumption

360 W




Temperature 35-70°C / 95-158°F

Amethyst Size

3 mm - 5 mm

Amethyst Weight

15 kg / 33.06 lbs.

Amethyst Color

Natural, Violet, Clear

Cut & Shape


Polariscope Test

Double Refraction

Refractive Index


Fluorescence LW

No Refraction, Natural factor

The Richway Biomat Queen 7000mx is designed to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience for users who need relief from muscle and joint pain. This product utilizes advanced far infrared technology to emit deep penetrating warmth that can promote healing and improve circulation. The result is a soothing and comforting experience for users who want to improve their overall well-being.

The Biomat Queen 7000mx is constructed with 17 layers of advanced materials that are carefully designed to maximize its therapeutic benefits. Its surface is covered with natural amethyst crystals, which emit negative ions and infrared rays that can help reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system. The surface is also paired with layers of therapeutic foam and cotton to enhance its comfort and durability.

The Biomat Queen 7000mx provides users with a range of therapeutic benefits that can help alleviate pain and promote relaxation. It can help improve circulation, reduce tension and muscle stiffness, and boost the immune system. It is a great product to use for those who suffer from chronic pain or other conditions that can benefit from soothing warmth.

This product is very easy to use and can be used on any queen-sized bed. It can be easily controlled with its built-in digital controller, which allows users to customize the temperature and duration of their use. The Biomat Queen 7000mx is also very safe to use and has been approved by the FDA for its therapeutic benefits.

In conclusion, the Biomat Queen 7000mx is a fantastic product for those who are looking for an easy and effective way to alleviate pain and improve overall well-being. Its advanced far infrared technology, natural amethyst crystals, and 17 layers of carefully designed materials make it a superior product in its class. Users can trust in its quality and safety, making it a great investment for anyone looking to improve their health and quality of life.