Biomat Professional 7000MX


The Richway Biomat Professional 7000MX is the lowest-cost, full-body Biomat and produces infrared thermotherapy and negative ions. It fits tables used by professional healers and massage therapists and is a perfect addition to any business as a value-added service. It produces far infrared heat therapy, and negative ion therapy and has over 16 pounds of amethyst crystals under the top layer. 

If you are a healer or healthcare worker of any kind, a first responder or are active/retired military, you qualify for a $100 discount on the Biomat Professional.  

Included with the Biomat Professional 7000 MX: Controller, hard-shell carrying case with wheels and pull-up handle, cotton pad (machine washable), User Manual.

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The Amethyst Biomat Professional was made with healers in mind but can be enjoyed by anyone. It is the size of most massage and doctor tables. The 7000mx model, which is the only model made at the moment, is the fifth model since Richway first put the Biomat on the market as Richway has consistently invested in improving upon its technology. The Professional is Richway's lowest-cost, fully-body Biomat.

The Biomat Professional contains over 16 pounds of amethyst crystals, which amplify the power of infrared light rays by 200 times. This amplification increases the effectiveness of the therapy by 200% times and promotes deep relaxation and healing. Amethyst stones are natural emitters of far infrared rays. Amethyst is often called "nature's tranquilizer" and the Pro Biomat, just like all Biomats, has an entire layer filled with high-quality, 100% natural amethyst stones that fill the third layer (Biomats have a 17-layer construction).

The Amethyst Biomat produces far infrared light that penetrates body tissue with a resonating heat that has been approved by the FDA as a medical device for back pain, muscle pain, muscle spasms, joint pain, arthritis pain, and increased circulation where applied.  The healing benefits of the Amethyst Biomat don't stop there, however, as long-term effects include a possibly stronger immune system, more energy, and detoxification!

The Professional Biomat also produces negative ions which improve the air around you while using it and provide pain relief and revitalization at the cellular level by improving tissue oxygen.  They can improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Negative ions can also enhance lung function by increasing oxygen intake and improving respiratory health. They can boost the immune system, promote better sleep, and even alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma.

 Using the Amethyst Biomat Professional at high temperatures creates a sauna effect, but unlike infrared saunas, a BIomat allows you to lie down and relax, doesn't take up as much space, and costs a lot less. Thermotherapy helps your body detoxify while you feel the gentle warmth of the infrared light warm you from the inside, unlike any experience you have had before! On the lower settings, the Biomat works to improve your immune system, heal soft tissue quicker, and can help you get a more rejuvenating, sound sleep.  This application of heat can help muscles and tissue recover faster, so the Pro Biomat is perfect for athletes!

The Biomat Professional is the perfect tool to add value to any healer's services. Massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors, dentists, reiki, and yoga instructors alike can use the Biomat to enhance their healing. It's also great for athletes just prior to or just after training. The Biomat Pro is the same size as most massage tables.

The Amethyst Biomat Professional 7000MX comes with a control panel made by Texas Instruments that allows users to customize the temperature settings to their comfort level. It also includes a durable carrying case with wheels for easy transport and storage.

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If you are a healer of any sort (acupuncturist, chiropractor, doctor, nurse, massage or physical therapist, reiki master, yoga instructor, etc) OR active/retired military OR a first responder (ambulatory, police, fire), we offer a $100 discount on the Biomat Professional. If you can provide proof in the form of a license or certificate. Biomat Store appreciates your service and would love to help you receive the benefits of a Biomat.

Included with the Biomat Professional 7000 MX: Controller made by Texas Instruments, hard-shell carrying case with wheels and pull-up handle, cotton pad (machine washable), User Manual. This Biomat also comes with 1 Year Full Warranty, 3 Year Limited Warranty and Extended lifetime repairs (Care Program).

Professional Biomat 7000mx Specifications


700 x 1850 mm / 27.56" x 72.84


11 kg / 24.25 lbs. without controller

Electric Consumption



AC 120 (USA, CANADA) or AC 240 (International)

Temperature Range

35-70°C / 95-158°F

Amethyst Size

3 mm - 5 mm

Amethyst Weight

7.5 kg / 16.53 lbs

Amethyst Color

Natural, Violet, Clear

Amethyst Cut & Shape


Polariscope Test

Double Refraction

Refractive Index


Fluorescence LW

No Refraction, Natural factor

The Richway Professional Biomat 7000mx is a top-of-the-line infrared therapy mat designed for professionals and home users alike. It features a unique combination of amethyst crystals, negative ions, and far infrared rays that work together to promote relaxation, pain relief, and overall wellness.

The Professional Biomat from Richway is the original infrared heat therapy mat.  For over 25 years, professionals and lay people alike have been enjoying the powerful healing provided by far infrared rays and negative ions.  The Biomat Professional fits most doctor and massage tables.  

The Professional Biomat warms you from the inside out, increasing your core body temperature, detoxifying your body and boosting your immune system.  The Biomat induces a "false fever" that stimulates the immune system and strengthens it in the process. 

Product Features:

- Professional-grade infrared therapy mat that emits both far infrared rays and negative ions.

- Made with high-quality amethyst crystals for added healing benefits.

- Negative ion technology helps to reduce stress and improve mood by improving the air around you.

- Far infrared rays penetrate deep into the body to promote healing and relaxation.

- Easy-to-use control panel with customizable temperature settings.

- Massage table size - full body length.

- Comes with a durable carrying case with wheels for easy transport and storage. Also comes with a cotton pad with straps for all four corners of the Biomat to secure it in place and is machine washable.

- Ideal for use in clinics, spas, and at home.

- FDA registered as a medical device.