The Biomat combines three powerful healing elements into one medical device.  The long far infrared light waves provide the ability to penetrate the body up to six inches and produce a warming, vibrational energy at a cellular level.  The negative ions that the Biomat generates fill the air around you, re-charging it with what pollution has robbed from it and acting as an antioxidant.  And finally, all infrared products contain some sort of crystal to conduct the heat into far infrared light because they do it the most efficiently, but Richway only uses the best quality amethyst, which is natural super conducter.  Combined, these three elements of the Biomat are what make it not only unique in the infrared product category, but also the best investment you can make for your body and mind.

The Biomat: The Construction of healing perfection

The Biomat's 17-layer construction.  Each layer is explained in text: Unique Innovation in Bio Technology.  The Biomat's 17 layers consist of: 1. Surface material: Silicon urethane with cotton. 2. Waterproof layer. 3. Amethyst layer for transferring natural infrared rays. 4. Hyron cotton layer for thermal insulation. 5. TOCA layer for natural negative ions. 6. Nano copper fabric layer. 7. Quantum energy layer (peach and grape seeds). 8. Copper fabric for electromagnetic interception. 9. Carbon fiber layer for electromagnetic interception. 10. Fiberglass layer. 11. Thermal preservation layer. 12. Silicon and teflon reverse currency heating layer with EMF interception. 13. Nonwoven fabric layer. 14. Aluminum layer for reflection of infrared rays. 15. Nonwoven fabric layer. 16. Thermal protection layer. 17. Bottom material: High quality cotton with brass pattern.

EMF (Electromagnetic Fields): Are they harmful and how am i protected on a biomat?

Low-level non-ionizing EMF are emitted by all electronic devices. In the 1990's, with the rise of cellular phones and other electronic devices, studies were done to see if the electromagnetic fields generated by such devices were harmful to our health.  The conclusion of those studies showed a very weak correlation between low-level non-ionizing EMF and childhood leukemia, but other than that, it was concluded that there is no risk to our health.  


That being said, better safe than sorry.  So Richway has gone to massive lengths to make sure that when you are lying on a Biomat, you are protected.  If you refer to the image above, you will see that Richway has two layers of the Biomat dedicated to preventing them from ever getting to you.  If you refer to the image below, you will see that Richway has also put a safeguard into the Biomat's controller.  The EMF interceptor in the controller conducts the EMF into the ground before it ever leaves the Biomat.  This innovation is unique to the Biomat and not it's competitors so you can feel completely safe using it.

The BIOMAT 7000MX Controller: Features & Safety system

The Biomat 7000mx controller's features include: a timer, temperature controls, a far infrared ray indicator, an alarm light in case of malfunction and an EMF interception light.  The Biomat controller has an advanced IC chip that protects you from electromagnetic field waves.  Unlike conventional heating pads, Biomats do not heat up to the temperature set.  The Biomat, even on high temperatures, will feel warm, but not hot.  Far infrared rays permeate the tissues of the body and warm you from the inside so the temperature setting is for the temperature you want to feel internally.  This is why Biomats have never been a fire hazard like heating pads and electric blankets.

Biomat 7000mx controller with functions explained in text: Temperature  Indicator (Celsius), temperature up, temperature down, soft touch power switch, alarm light (this light will appear if there is any malfunction. If so, check connections to ensure they are secure.  Contact the dealer if you are experiencing any issues), F.I.R. Indicator  (Far Infrared Ray) ( This light indicates when far infrared rays are electrically produced.  This light will come on when you first set the Biomat's temperature.  Once the Biomat has reached the set temperature, this light will turn off and the E.D.N.I. light will begin to flash), E.M.F. Interception Light (This lights up to indicate the active reduction of harmful electromagnetic waves).

25 years of research, development and innovation: the richway biomat