How To Choose The Right Biomat For You


Customers often ask about the best Richway Amethyst Biomat for their purposes. The first thing you should consider is why you are thinking of buying one.  Is it for temporary relief of joint pain, arthritis pain, minor muscle pains, muscle spasms, or some other type of chronic pain? Is it for restful sleep? Is it for long-term benefits like improving immunity, blood circulation, or energy levels? 


The next thing to consider is cost.  The price differences between each Amethyst Biomat size can be substantial.  So which one will get the job done but keep you from spending more than you must?


The final thing to consider is how you want to use it.  Do you want to lounge on the couch with your mat or sleep on it in bed?  Do you want to take it with you when you leave the house?  Are you using it in your business? Or at work?


What is it you need from this amazing medical device? Let's review each Biomat to assist in their decision-making process.

Woman relaxing on a Amethyst Biomat Professional in a lounger with a Richway Aroma Stand next to her
Amethyst Biomat Mini

The Amethyst Biomat Mini

The Mini Biomat is smaller than other Amethyst Biomats. It measures 19.69" x 33.47" and is portable. It covers half of the average human body and is more flexible than bigger mats. The Biomat Mini has a smaller controller (all controllers are made by Texas Instruments) with the same functionality. It comes with a hard-shell carrying case and shoulder strap. The Mini Biomat is versatile and can be used anywhere. It weighs just under eight pounds and can be laid on or placed on top of the user. There are many options for how and where to use the Mini Biomat, such as at the office or on vacation.

The Amethyst Biomat Mini has a distinct feature where it has alternating channels of tourmaline and amethyst crystal, unlike the larger Biomats which only have amethyst-filled channels.


People often ask if the Mini Biomat provides the same amount of infrared therapy and negative ion therapy as a larger one. The answer is relatively, yes, because the Biomat Mini only covers half of your body. However, it provides the same treatment inch for inch as a larger mat. To treat your whole body, you would need to use it twice as long. For example, if you use a Professional Biomat for an hour, you would need to use the Biomat Mini for an hour on one half of your body and then move it to the other half and repeat for an hour.

The Amethyst Biomat Professional

The Professional Biomat has less versatility compared to the Mini Biomat. It is 27.56" x 72.84" and weighs 24.25 lbs. (without the controller). The Professional Biomat comes in a high-quality, hard-shell case with a handle and wheels. It can be used on a flat surface such as a bed, wide couch, or floor. The Professional Biomat should not be placed on top of the user as it would be uncomfortable. Users can lie down on their stomach or back while using it.

The Professional Biomat fits well onto a massage table. These are the same tables used by chiropractors, acupuncturists, and doctors alike. The Professional Biomat is not just for healers but is also the most affordable full-length Biomat.

Amethyst Biomat Professional

The Professional Biomat is perfect for those who want to offer an additional service in their massage, acupuncture, chiropractor or healing business. Massage therapists find it beneficial as they can charge an extra fee to clients who wish to use it during their massage.


The Professional Biomat offers the advantage of treating the entire body at once due to its body-length design. This can be beneficial for those with time constraints in their daily routine.


The Professional Biomat contains amethyst throughout its surface inside horizontal channels. It also features two creases, enabling the mat to be folded into thirds for storage. The controller for the Professional Biomat is larger than that of the Biomat Mini and is the same as the one used for the Single Biomat.

Amethyst Biomat Single

The Amethyst Biomat Single

The Amethyst Single Biomat is designed to fit a single-sized bed and should be left in place. Its dimensions are 39.38" x 78.76" and it weighs 37.47 lbs without the controller.

The Amethyst Single mat has amethyst covering the entire face and uses the same controller as the Professional Biomat.

The Amethyst Biomat Queen and the Amethyst Biomat King

These two items are similar except for their varying dimensions and weights. The Queen Biomat measures 55.12" x 78.76" and weighs 59.52 lbs, while the King Biomat measures 70.87" x 78.76" and weighs 72.75 lbs.

The King and Queen Biomats have amethyst throughout their entire faces, just like the Single and Professional Biomats. However, they have a different controller that allows each side to be controlled separately. This makes them like two mats in one, especially for couples who sleep together. The Amethyst Single, King, and Queen Biomats are meant to be placed on a bed and left there. They fit their respective mattress sizes.

Amethyst Biomat Queen and King
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Richway Biobelt

The Richway Biobelt

The Biobelt provides similar treatment to other Biomats and is important to include on this page as it helps customers choose the right Richway product.

The Biobelt is unique among Biomats due to its use of eight different gemstones - amethyst, tourmaline, quartz, green jade, topaz, citrine, tiger eye, and Elvan - to deliver infrared heat and negative ions. Each gemstone has individual healing properties, but all emit infrared rays.

One advantage of using the Biobelt is the convenience of being able to receive infrared heat therapy without needing to remove it when standing up. The Biobelt also includes a lengthy electrical cord for mobility. It is particularly useful for those who have a sedentary job or desire to apply infrared heat to their lower back or gut.

The treatment pouch is 18" x 8", which is smaller than the coverage area of the Biomat Mini. The Biobelt's belt portion is adjustable with Velcro and fits all sizes.

So Which Biomat Do You Choose?

Most of the time someone is trying to figure out the answer to this question, they have narrowed down their selection to either the Richway Biomat Mini versus the Professional Biomat or to the Professional vs one of the bed sizes. So let’s tackle those choices first.

When deciding between the Mini Biomat and the Amethyst Professional, the main factors to consider are cost and usage. The cost difference between the two is $1170, therefore it is important to consider if the added cost is worth the benefit of full-body treatment.

Second, and we feel more importantly, you know yourself best so how do you see you using your Biomat the most?  Are you more likely to want to lie down on a regular basis while using it or are you more likely going to use it more sitting on the couch or in your office chair? The Amethyst Mini Biomat is the perfect size to take anywhere, while the Professional Biomat is perfect for full-body healing power.

Infrared heat therapy is similar to other personal care or health treatments. Brushing your teeth can be used as an example. If you brush your teeth once a day versus three times a day over the course of ten years, the results will likely be better if you brush three times a day. The more you use a Biomat, the more benefits you receive. Consistently using the Biomat is the key to getting your money's worth, regardless of its initial cost.

The Richway Biomat offers short-term benefits, such as joint pain relief, improved circulation, relaxation, and better sleep, but it also offers long-term benefits such as enhancing the immune system, increasing energy, and improving overall health. It is important to note that these benefits require consistent use rather than sporadic use. So if you are looking for the long-term benefits of infrared therapy, getting the Amethyst Biomat that you will use most often is important.

When deciding between the Biomat Mini and Professional Biomats, consider how you plan on using it to maximize its benefits for your health and wellness. This will ensure that you get the most out of your Biomat and buying one is a worthwhile investment.

Cost is a factor when choosing between the Professional Biomat and one of the bed sizes. The bed sizes are expensive. However, it's important that you consider whether you have ever slept on a Biomat before and if you see yourself sleeping on your Amethyst Biomat every night.

The Single, King, and Queen Biomats are heavy and intended for permanent placement on a bed. Moving them can be difficult. However, the Professional Biomat weighs less than 25 pounds and can be easily moved out of the way. It can be packed into a carrying case and stored in a closet. If you have a queen or king-size bed, you can still move the Professional Biomat and have space for sleeping.

However, if you’ve slept on a Richway Biomat before or know that you want to sleep on one every night, then the bed sizes are right for you.  Moving a Professional out of the way, you do still have room to sleep on bigger beds but you’ll probably butt up against it. Additionally, if your sleeping partner is not interested in sleeping on a Biomat, you may need to move it off the bed every night, which could become frustrating. Therefore, if you and your partner both want a Biomat, it may be best to consider a Queen or King size.

The Mini Biomat and Biobelt are highly versatile options for infrared therapy. They may be worth considering for individuals who spend extended periods of time sitting in an office chair or wheelchair, or who prefer to relax on a couch instead of a bed.

When purchasing a Richway Biomat, it is important to consider factors such as cost, frequency of use, where you are most likely to use it, and the reasons you are buying it in the first place. Amethyst Biomats are investments in your health and future so it is important to think about how you will best use this advanced infrared technology.  But the good news is that if after reading this, you still have questions, we love talking to customers so please don't hesitate to call us at 850-348-1541 with any questions you have.  We would be happy to walk through all of these questions with you and help you come to a decision!