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How long does it take to get my product(s)?

Richway takes about a day to process any order then it gets sent to shipping. Richway does not create shipping labels on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. So if you order your product on Thursday, chances are you will receive shipping information on Monday. If you order on Monday, you will probably see shipping information on Tuesday. Then the products come UPS Ground (3-5 business days). On average, customers receive their products within a business week. For more information, see our Shipping & Returns page.

What kind of warranty do I get?

Richway backs its products 100% with a 3-year warranty and a repair program after the warranty expires that costs a lot less than buying a new Biomat. Please refer to our Warranty, Repair Policy, and Care Program pages for more information. If you are experiencing a problem with your Biomat, please call Customer Service at 850-348-1541.

What is your return policy?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page.

How do I clean my Biomat?

If you spill something on your Biomat or dirt gets on it, you can use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe the face of it. Other than that, the Biomat is self-cleaning so just turn it up to its highest temperature setting for about an hour.

Does the white cotton cover go between the Biomat and the bed mattress? Do I place a sheet between myself and the Biomat? Can I stain the Biomat due to sweating?

The 100% cotton cover goes on top of the Biomat. This keeps the sweat off of the mat. You are welcome to also put a sheet over the cotton pad, just make sure it is 100% natural fiber (like cotton or bamboo).  The cotton cover is washable, and the Biomat shouldn't get stained because the cover protects it. You don't want to get the Biomat itself wet, that will void the warranty. Generally, mattress pads will not make the Biomat more comfortable, but a Quantum Energy Pad will.

When was the Biomat last updated/improved?

February, 2015, was when Richway International Inc. released the 7000mx version of the Biomat.  The 7000mx is the latest version.  At this time, Richway introduced hardshell cases for the Mini Biomat and Professional Biomat.  This is also when a new layer, the Quantum Energy Layer (Layer 7), was introduced.  This layer is made of peach and grape seed extract.

Before 2015, the Biomat was updated in November of 2012.  An additional layer, the TOCA layer (TOurmaline CAtch powder) was introduced to increase the output of negative ions and far infrared rays, as well as a magnetic reaction.  This is also when the controller was updated to a sleeker, easier-to-use, and more efficient design.

Who qualifies for the Professional Healer, First Responder, and Military Discounts?

Any active or retired military personnel qualify for a $100 discount on the Biomat Professional.  

Any first responder also qualifies for a $100 discount on the Biomat Professional.  This includes ambulance drivers, EMTs, paramedics, etc.

Any healthcare worker or healer qualifies for a $100 discount on the Biomat Professional.  This includes, but is not limited to: physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, dieticians, psychiatrists, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, holistic healers, yoga instructors, herbalists, naturopaths, reiki instructors, etc.

Learn more about the Military, First Responders, and Professional Discount.

I've had recent cataract surgery and I'm concerned the heat may affect my new lenses. Can I still use the Biomat?

The Biomat emits infrared light, which is radiant heat and should not affect your new lenses.  But if you have concerns, consult your doctor.  You may want to look at purchasing an Amethyst Pillow to keep your head cool while lying on the Biomat.

What is the difference between amethyst crystal infrared rays and LED infrared rays?

Infrared rays generated by pure, natural amethyst that are heated penetrate body tissue up to 6-8 inches.  LED infrared rays penetrate up to 1 inch.  LED infrared rays do not kill bacteria, but natural infrared rays do.  LED does not produce negative ions, but amethyst crystals do.  

I have titanium pins in my body as the result of an accident.  Can I still use the Biomat?

Yes.  But if you experience any pain, just lower the heat setting. On the lower settings, the gentle infrared heat should not aggravate any inflammation but instead help it.

Will Biomats make you hotter in the summer? What is the lowest temperature setting? Is the Biomat working if you don't set a temperature setting?

If you leave the Biomat on its lowest temperature setting, it will warm you up to 95° which is lower than the normal human body temperature. It should actually keep you cooler than you would be not laying on it. When you just turn the Biomat on and don't set a temperature setting, the Biomat emits negative ions but not infrared rays. It's a good way to fill a room with negative ions.

Pro tip: Turn your Biomat on in the morning, but do not select a temperature setting. Set the timer to 12 hours and leave it lying on your bed. Close the bedroom door. Put a towel on the outside of the door to block the space below the door. Do not open this door for 12 hours or, better, until you are ready to go to bed. When you open the door, you should smell the abundance of negative ions. Put the towel on the inside of the door after closing it behind you to trap the negative ions inside the room. You'll thank us later.

How long has the Biomat been around?

The Bio-mat has been in use since 1997. NASA had the technology patented since the 1960s and it became public domain in 1997.

Can't I just order a Biomat on Amazon?

Be very careful of ordering a Biomat from anyone other than an Authorized Richway Distributor, which is the ONLY way to get a warranty and lifetime access to the Care Program.  Every time you see a Biomat available on Amazon, that Biomat is either used or a distributor's private stock, which means the warranty is tied to that distributor no matter what they promise you.  As distributors, we are not allowed to sell Biomats on Amazon or any third-party site (Ebay, etc).  So if a distributor is selling on one of those sites, chances are they are not very honest.  The ONLY way to make sure your Biomat is covered by a complete warranty is to buy through an authorized distributor so that Richway has your name in their system. 

How long is the warranty for Richway products?

All Richway products have up to a 3-year warranty term. After that, products are covered by the Care Program, which allows you to buy a new product at 30% of the current cost.

What is your privacy policy?

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