What if I have 220V electricity?

When a Biomat is ordered, we match the voltage of the Richway Biomat to the country's electrical voltage that it's shipped to.  If you order a Biomat to be delivered in Europe, you will receive a 220V Biomat (which are custom made and take longer to deliver).  If it's ordered within the United States or Canada and delivered there, you will receive a 110V Biomat.  UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUESTED.  You can always request a different voltage Biomat when you order.  But don't try using your 110V Biomat in Europe, even with a converter.  Richway does not endorse third-party devices.  We have no way of knowing if the converter you buy will work with the Biomat.  So if you want a Biomat for the U.S. and another for Europe, Australia, etc, you will need to buy one of each voltage.

How long does it take to get my product(s)?

Richway takes about a day to process any order then it gets sent to shipping.  Richway does not create shipping labels Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  So if you order your product on Thursday, chances are you will receive shipping information Monday.  If you order Monday, you will probably see shipping information Tuesday.  Then the products come UPS Ground (3-5 business days).  On average, customers receive their products within a business week.  For more information, see our Shipping & Returns page.

What kind of warranty do I get?

Richway backs it's products 100% with a 3-year warranty and a repair program after the warranty expires that costs a lot less than buying a new Biomat.  Please refer to our Warranty, Repair Policy and Care Program pages for more information.

What is your return policy?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page.

How do I clean my Biomat?

If you spill something on your Biomat or dirt gets on it, you can use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe the face of it.  Other than that, the Biomat is self-cleaning so just turn it up to it's highest temperature setting for about an hour.