Biomat Safety & Contraindications

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Biomat contraindications and cautions
Always remain hydrated while using the Richway Biomat. Children and pets should use Blue or Green settings only.  Infants should not use the Biomat as they have a tendency to hold a higher temperature.

Biomat contraindications:

Organ transplants: Do not use Biomat.  The Biomat can increase immune response.  New organs can be mistaken by the immune system as foreign and attack them.

External pacemaker: Do not use the Biomat.

Renal or kidney failure: Do not use the Biomat as it increases circulation and could overwhelm the kidneys.

Use with caution and consult with doctor if you think you are exempt from the following:

Heat sensitive MS: Negative ions only, no heat settings.  People with MS who are NOT sensitive to heat may use the Biomat.

Fever: Until your fever is over, only use negative ions.

Radiation therapy/chemotherapy: anyone who has received chemotherapy or radiation treatments recently should only use negative ions.  Consult with your doctor before using heat settings.

Bypass surgery: anyone who has undergone bypass surgery should only use the Biomat on low heat (95F-113F). Increased circulation can require blood vessels to expand and this can cause discomfort to those whose blood vessels can't expand.

Internal pacemaker: anyone who uses a pacemaker should only use the BioMat on low heat (95F-113F). The increase in blood circulation can throw an internal pacemaker off of it's set rythm.

Brain tumor: anyone with a brain tumor should only use the Biomat on low heat (95F-113F).

Diabetes: anyone with diabetes should only use the Biomat on low heat (95F-113F). 

High blood pressure (hypertension): anyone with chronically high blood pressure (hypertension) should use the Biomat with caution and only on low heat (95F-113F). Changes in blood circulation should be monitored by your doctor.

Newborn babies: Do not use the Biomat until child is six months old and then only on low heat only (95F-113F)

Young children: we recommend that children only use the Biomat on low heat only (95F-113F) and with adult supervision. 

Pregnancy: pregant women should only use the Biomat on low to medium heat (95F-131F).

Surgical implants: those with ANY kind of implant can use the Biomat. Surgical implants generally reflect infrared rays and do not get hot because of an infrared heat device.  If you do feel discomfort, consult your doctor.

Silicon: silicon implants may be warmed by infrared rays. Silicon is known to melt at over 200 degrees Celsius / 392 Fahrenheit, so it should not be adversely affected by infrared rays. It is advised that you consult your surgeon before use.

Pain: The Biomat should never cause pain, but if you are experiencing any pain while using it, consult a doctor.

This information should not replace advice from your primary care physician. These are just guidelines for contraindications and not a complete list of conditions and contraindications.

If you have any doubts, please consult your doctor.

General cautions for far infrared therapies:

Prescription drugs: if you are using prescription drugs, check with your doctor for possible changes in the drug’s efficacy due to taking them while using an infrared medical device. If you are taking corticosteroids, redness of the skin can occur. If you experience redness, we recommend that you stop the use of the Biomat until you have finished your medication. Should your redness continue, contact your doctor. Most times, infrared therapy enhances the desired (good) effects of medications, but always ask your doctor to make sure.

Joint injuries: Do not use a Biomat if you have had a recent, acute joint injury for at least 48 hours or until swelling is down.  Heat of any kind is not good for a swollen joint.  However, after the joint swelling goes down, the Biomat should help speed the healing process. 

Infections: Any type of internal infection, whether it be dental, joint or tissue-related, should not  undergo rigorous heating and is strictly contraindicated.  Do not use a Biomat if you have an internal infection.  Wait until the infection is resolved.

Hemorrhage: vasodilatation that can lead to the tendency to bleed can happen with those that have hemophilia or are pre-disposed to hemorrhage with ANY type of heating so do not use the Biomat.