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The Bioacoustic Mat from Richway uses a low-frequency sound generator to deliver a deep vibro-acoustic massage that penetrates the body and gives relief to joints and muscle tissue.  Specific frequencies are used to encourage the mind into different states of therapy. It can be used alone or along with an amethyst Biomat for a therapeutic first: far infrared ray, negative ion and vibro-acoustic wave therapies all at once!

Included with the Bioacoustic Mat:

·         Bioacoustic Mat

·         Bioacoustic Controller

·         Power Adapter

·         Travel Bag

·         Cords, including one for external sound source

·         User Manual

·         1 Year Full Warranty, 3 Year Limited Warranty

·         Extended life-time repairs (Care Program)


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Bioacoustic mat

The Richway BioAcoustic Mat™ is a vibro-acoustic therapy device that works on your mind and body at the same time. Entrainment is the defined, by Merriam-Webster as "the adjustment or moderation of one behavior either to synchronize or be in rythm with another behavior."  We've all caught ourselves tapping our feet to music, unaware that we were doing so.  In physics, less energy is needed when one system falls in line with another.  The human brain is a super complex system and it's largest task is to send and receive signals.  When there are too many signals, the brain becomes "over-loaded" and we become stressed. These signals are rythmic by nature even if we can't hear them.  However, when the brain becomes entrained with music and those signals fall in line with the music, we become relaxed, just like we are when we catch ourselves tapping our feet.


The BioAcoustic Mat’s™ music produces specific frequencies that encourage our mind into states of therapeutic rythm. The tracks you receive with the BioAcoustic Mat puts your brain into those rythms by limiting the number of sounds it hears per second and by producing a slightly different pitch in each ear.  The result is our minds becoming entrained with the music's rythm and spending less energy, thus becoming relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated or energized, depending on the track that's playing.


The Richway BioAcoustic Mat™ also provides vibrational relaxation for your skin, muscles and joints.  The vibro-acoustic waves from the mat help soothe you in two ways.  

First, the sounds from the mat are the result of a lot of research.  They are specifically designed to syncronize with the frequencies produced by the speakers and produce vibrations that activate the nerves in the spinal cord, brain stem and limbic system that control emotional response.  The vibrations also activate the auditory nerves that are embedded in your muscle tissue and, using the low frequencies that are produced by the bass system, put them in a state of tranquility.


Second, the BioAcoustic Mat™ has state-of-the-art low frequency speakers and transducers that generate an acoustic massage on the cellular level. Lower frequencies (30-68 hz) are used to massage large muscles, while high frequencies (52-88 hz) are generated to massage small muscles.


Vibro-acoustic therapy is typically accompanied by comforting music. If done right, the music works with the frequencies of the vibrations.  The sounds, vibrations and music chosen for vibro-acoustic therapy do not happen by circumstance, but as a matter of scientific research and have been proven to treat different health issues, and they all work together to bring your mind into specific states of healing.


Brainwaves are the foundation of all thoughts and emotions, electrical pulses that facilitate communication between neurons. The state your brain is in and how you feel are tied together. Research shows that irregular brainwaves are linked to emotional and neurological distress.  Vibro-acoustic therapy works to bring your brainwaves into healthy states.

The Music Behind the BioAcoustic Mat

The BioAcoustic™ Mat comes with 12 music tracks that fall into four categories: Relax, Stress-Relief, Energize and Sleep.  These tracks were composed by Dr. Lee Bartel, a vibro-acoustic expert (learn more about him below), and were produced in the Delta, Gamma,  Theta, Alpha or Beta wavelenths. 


Guitar, piano, digital sound, bass.
Mono and binaural high alpha and beta entrainment.



(Total track length - 5:18)

Low pitch 41 Hz - 73 Hz
Peak wavelength 41Hz



(Total track length - 4:40)

Low pitch 36 Hz - 61 Hz 
Peak wavelength 41Hz



(Total track length - 5:55)

Low pitch 36 Hz - 65 Hz



Digital ocean, surf and nature sounds.



(Total track length - 5:15)

Low pitches centered around 40 
Hz, 52 Hz and 68 Hz (34 Hz)
Mono and binaural alpha and 
theta entrainment (5 Hz - 8 Hz)



(Total track length - 4:40)

Low pitch – 36 Hz
Binaural alpha and theta 



(Total track length - 5:35)

Low pitch – 32 Hz
Binaural alpha and theta 



Mono and binaural delta entrainment.



(Total track length - 4:58)

Digital sound
Low pitch – 32 Hz



(Total track length - 5:00)

Digital sound
Low pitch – multiple between 
27.5 – 44 Hz



(Total track length - 6:05)

Digital sound
Low pitch – multiple between 
34 – 52 Hz


Piano, flute, and digital sound.



(Total track length - 3:30)

Low frequencies – 36 Hz – 41 Hz
Mono and binaural theta 
4 Hz – 6 Hz



(Total track length - 3:00)

Low frequencies – 32 Hz – 65 Hz
Mono and binaural theta 
4 Hz – 6 Hz



(Total track length - 3:40)

Low frequencies – 27.5 Hz – 55 Hz
Mono entrainment at delta, theta, 
and alpha
Binaural theta entrainment 4 Hz – 6 Hz

The Man Behind the Music

Dr. Lee Bartel Ph.D: 

Professor at the University of Toronto, College of Music
Director of the Canadian Music Education Research Centre

Dr. Bartel is a Professor Emeritus of Music and former Associate Dean for research at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music, as well as Director of Music and 
Health Research Collaboratory. Dr. Bartel has a passion for applications of music for aging and rehabilitation. He is renowned for his research and design of music for health purposes. His primary interest is currently in Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation (RSS) research with applications for several types of pain.

Within the Canadian Music Education Research Centre, Dr. Bartel is the Coordinator of the Music, Mind and Brain Special Research Interest Group. He is also Coordinator of the Music Therapy and Health Special Research Interest Group. He has also served on the Accreditation Review Board for the Canadian Association of Music Therapy and was involved in significant studies with the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto. He also supervised doctoral and post-doctoral research at Bloorview Kid’s Rehab, Lyndhurst Hospital, and Baycrest Hospital.


Dr. Bartel designed the internationally best-selling Music for Your Health series from the Solitude’s label, as well as Somerset Entertainment’s SonicAid series. His Gold and Platinum albums have been nominated for several Juno Awards. Today, Dr. Bartel’s contributions include 16 books, as well as multiple academic papers and publications

BioTrinity Care™ = BioAcoustic Mat™ + Biomat®

Combine the BioAcoustic Mat™ with the Biomat® to maximize mind and body benefits 


When you use the BioAcoustic Mat with the Biomat, there is a synergistic effect we call BioTrinity Care™ (vibration, entrainment and infrared heat).  Richway has designed the BioAcoustic Mat so that the Biomat fits on top of it.  Enjoy the sound frequencies as they relax the body, the entraining music as it calms the mind and when you add the infrared heat of the Biomat, there is  no collaborative therapy like it in the world!  Richway is the FIRST to combine infrared and vibro-acoustic therapies.  Any type of therapy is more easily absorbed into the body and mind when you are in a relaxed state.  So when you are using both the Biomat and the BioAcoustic Mat at the same time, both are using the other to give you maximum healing, relaxation and serenity! The BioAcoustic Mat comes in Professional and Single sizes that match up perfectly with the same size Biomats!

BioAcoustic Mat Specifications


Professional: 73" x 28" x 3"(1850 x 700 x 80mm) / Single: 79" x 39" x 3" (2000 x 1000 x 80 mm)


Professional: 29 lbs / Single: 37 lbs


Professional: AC 110V - USA, Canada,  AC 220V - International  / Single: AC 110V

The Richway BioAcoustic Mat is a one-of-a-kind vibroacoustic and sound therapy device that can be used alone or with the Biomat for an even more relaxing experience.  The BioAcoustic Mat provides energy, relaxation, stress relief and sleep depending on what tracks you listen to (BioAcoustic Mat comes with three tracks for each).