Biomat King 7000MX


The Biomat King 7000mx is the largest Biomat made and for that reason is meant to be put on a king-sized bed and left there because, unlike the Professional or Mini Biomats, the King is fairly heavy. With over 38 pounds of amethyst crystal covering the face of the King Biomat, it has all of the far infrared heating power you could ask for in order to receive all the health benefits of a Biomat!

Included with the Biomat King 7000mx:

· Biomat King 7000mx

· 7000MX Dual Controller (controls each side separately)

· Travel Bag

· 100% Cotton Cover (machine washable)

· User Manual

· 1 Year Full Warranty, 3 Year Limited Warranty

· Extended life-time repairs (Care Program)


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The Biomat King 7000mx weighs over 72 pounds and so it's hard to take on and off a bed frequently, which means you should know that you want to sleep on a Biomat every night. It is meant to be put on your mattress and left there. If you do know that you want to sleep on a Biomat nightly, you can't go wrong with the King Biomat, as it gives you plenty of room to stretch out (as opposed to the Professional Biomat where you would need to keep your arms at your side to get them therapy). The King (and Queen) Biomats have a controller that works each half of it independently, meaning that if you want to use a high-temperature setting and your spouse wants to use a lower one, that can be done.

The Biomat King has a beautiful, clear silicon urethane panel on the face of the mat so you can see all of the amethyst gems, and is a great addition to the tranquility and aesthetic of any bedroom. The far infrared heat can help with sleep, back pain, arthritis pain, muscle pain, joint pain, increased circulation, and can even improve sexual libido.

Like the Biomat Queen, the King Biomat has a dual control panel made by Texas Instruments, which means each half can be controlled separately.  The control panel has nine variable heat settings, giving you a wide range of temperatures, 95°F – 158°F (35°- 70° C), to choose from.

For added comfort, consider getting the Amethyst Pillow and Quantum Energy Pad to go with your Biomat King.

Biomat King on top of bed with Amethyst Pillow and controller on top of it

The Amethyst Biomat

The Amethyst Biomat is a revolutionary wellness product that combines the power of far-infrared rays, negative ions, and amethyst crystals to promote health and well-being. The Biomat works by emitting far-infrared rays and heating the amethyst which then makes the infrared rays 200 times stronger.  The infrared heat penetrates deep (6-8 inches) into the body, relieving pain, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and improving circulation. The infrared heat also helps to detoxify the body by increasing perspiration, which aids in the elimination of toxins. The negative ions produced by the Biomat have a calming effect on the body and can enhance mood and overall mental well-being, while also improving cellular communication.

The amethyst crystals within the Biomat emit a soothing, deep heat that can help to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and improve sleep quality. Overall, the Amethyst Biomat provides a natural and non-invasive way to support the body's natural healing processes and promote optimal health.

The Biomat is an FDA-approved medical device.  It provides pain relief, improved circulation, and relaxation of muscles, and can improve the immune system.

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Biomat King 7000mx Specifications


1800 x 2000 mm / 70.87" x 78.76"


33 kg / 72.75 lbs. without controller

Electric Consumption

180 W


AC 120 - USA, Canada / AC 240 - International


Temperature 35-70°C / 95-158°F

Amethyst Size

3 mm - 5 mm

Amethyst Weight

17.5 kg / 38.58 lbs.

Amethyst Color

Natural, Violet, Clear

Cut & Shape


Polariscope Test

Double Refraction

Refractive Index


Fluorescence LW

No Refraction, Natural factor

Are you tired of living in constant pain and stress due to your chronic illness?

The Richway Biomat King 7000mx is here to provide you with relief. This king-sized bed accessory delivers far infrared and negative ion therapies that can help alleviate your pain and reduce stress levels. It uses amethyst and advanced technology to project far infrared rays deep into your body to provide warmth and comfort.

Imagine being able to sleep soundly every night on your Biomat King, waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The Biomat King can help improve your quality of life, allowing you to enjoy the things you love without pain and discomfort holding you back.

Don't wait any longer to experience the benefits of the Biomat King 7000mx. Order yours today and start enjoying a better quality of life.

The Richway Biomat King 7000mx is a king-sized infrared therapy mat that uses the power of negative ions and far infrared rays to provide therapeutic benefits to the body. This mat is designed to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation.

Product Features:

- King-sized mat provides ample space for full-body treatment for two people.  Each side of the Biomat can be controlled seperately from the same controller.

- Far infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body to promote healing.

- Negative ions improve mood and reduce stress by cleaning the air around you.

- Digital controller allows for precise temperature control.

- Amethyst crystals provide additional healing benefits.

- EMF blocking technology ensures safety.

- FDA approved for safety and efficacy.

- Ideal for athletes, individuals with chronic pain, and anyone seeking natural healing solutions.

The Biomat King 7000mx delivers far infrared and negative ion therapies while fitting a king-sized bed.  Biomat Kings are meant to be placed on a bed and left there.  They are for those who know they want to sleep on their Biomat every night.  The Biomat king uses technology and amethyst to project far infrared rays 6-7 inches into the human body to warm it and relieve pain and alleviate stress.