Warranty & Care Program: The Amazing Way That Richway Backs Its Products

Posted by BiomatStores.com on 25th Feb 2024

Warranty & Care Program: The Amazing Way That Richway Backs Its Products

A Richway Biomat is a infrared therapy mat that uses amethyst and infrared technology to increase circulation, alleviate pain, relax muscles, improve immunity, and detoxify the body.  The Biomat was developed over 27 years ago and is the original amethyst infrared therapy mat.  Like most high-end electronic products, the Biomat comes with a warranty, and in this blog post, we will examine the quality of that warranty and how it stands up against its competitors.

When it comes to investing in a Richway Biomat, one of the things that buyers often consider is the warranty that comes with it. Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. offers a generous three-year warranty on their products, providing customers with peace of mind and assurance that the investment they have made in their health is protected. But what happens if your Biomat stops working after six months? After one year? After five years?

During the three-year warranty period, customers can rest easy knowing that any manufacturing defects or issues that arise will be covered by Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. This includes things like the mat not heating or if the controller stops working, as well as any defects that have arisen from manufacturing. Customers can simply reach out to BiomatStores.com's customer service team, and they will take care of the issue promptly and efficiently.

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But what happens once the three-year warranty expires? This is where Richway's Care Program comes into play. The Care Program is a unique offering from Richway that allows customers to continue receiving protection and support for their Biomat beyond the initial warranty period. For a 30% of the current cost, customers can replace their product with a brand new one...for life.  

Biomat controllers are now warrantied for life and are separate from either the standard warranty or the Care Program.  All a customer has to do is mail the controller to Richway with the reasons it is not working and they will receive a brand new controller for free.

No matter what length warranty one of the Biomat's competitors has (only one has a longer time period),  you will have to buy the product again at full price after that warranty expires.  Richway ensures that its customers only have to purchase a Biomat at full price once. So let's compare Richway's warranty to the competitors.

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Healthyline's warranty is a 5-year, limited warranty that includes the controller, but after that five year period, you must purchase a new mat at full price.  Controllers are only warrantied for the five year period.

Ereada's warranty is 2 years while boasting they have "the longest warranty" when it comes to amethyst mats.  We're not sure how two years is longer than three, but it seems they are ok misleading their customers. Medicrystal boasts they too have the longest warranty at 2 years.

Phymat and HigherDOSE, only have a one-year warranty.

Healthy Wave has a 15-month warranty on their mats and a 5-year warranty on their controllers.

In conclusion, Healthyline is the only competitor of the Biomat that has a longer warranty but they do not have a solution for after the warranty expires.  Customers will have to purchase a new mat at full price.  Richway Biomats have a three-year warranty but after three years, and for the life of the customer, a new mat can be purchased for 30% of the current price thanks to their Care Program.  Biomat controllers are warrantied for life, something no competitor comes close to matching.  If the goal is to truly invest in your health, you're way better off with a Richway Biomat because once you purchase one, you are never going to have to pay full price for that mat again.

For details about Richway's warranty, go here.

For details about Richway's Care Program, go here.

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