The founders of Richway, Jeanna and Calvin Kim, were in the jewelry business prior to 1997, which had them both dealing with serious health conditions.  In 1996, they came across an opportunity to buy a jade mine in Korea, which they intended to use for their jewelery business.  However, Calvin noticed 3-400 people each day coming to visit the mine for it's healing benefits and this changed the course of the Kims' lives forever.

Medical device companies began asking for the jade in powder form and one company in particular, Richway Korea, was using it in their thermotherapy mats.  The Kims eventually bought out this company and Richway International was founded.  The Kims worked with doctors, labratories and scientists to develop the first Jade Biomat.  Eventually, through massive amounts of research, the Kims discovered that the real therapy was coming from the "vibrational frequencies" in the gemstones themselves and found that Amethyst could hold a more constant vibration.  The amethyst Biomat was born.  In 2005, Richway merged with a billion-dollar Japanese company, Fuji Bio Sciences, which acts as the research, development and manufacturing side of the business. Now, more than 25 years later, the Biomat 7000mx is the culmination of decades in research and development, the fifth generation of Biomats.

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