Bio Light 7000


Bio Light 7000 is the ultimate, professional-grade LED light therapy for skin revitalization. It is safe, effective, and customizable for all skin types. The device is optimized to work with Richway SF10™ Premium Facial Serum, boosting serum absorption and efficacy for comprehensive skin rejuvenation. Elevate your skincare routine with Bio Light 7000 now.

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Introducing the Bio Light 7000sc

The Bio Light 7000 is an advanced LED light therapy system for your skin. It has seven color settings, each with specific benefits for your skin. You can adjust the intensity and pulse to match your skin's needs each day. The system is safe, user-friendly, and clinically proven. It brings the luxury of a spa to your home. Regular use can improve skin texture, tone, and overall health.

Unlike ordinary LED light therapy devices that offer weak output and limited functionality, Bio Light 7000 has been developed as a high-quality, professional-grade skincare device, comparable to the ones used in clinics.

Discover the Bio Light 7000 and unlock the potential of advanced LED technology for your skincare journey.

Bio Light Features:

  • High Output for Enhanced Skincare: Experience the power of strong output, significantly boosting the effectiveness of your skincare routine.
  • Seven Different Colors and Color Combinations Give Different Benefits: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue-Red, Red-Yellow, All Colors.
  • Adjustable Intensity: Customize the intensity level on a scale of 1 to 10, catering to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Pulse Selection: Benefit from 11 pulse levels ranging from 10 to 110. Pulse functionality is available from 10 to 90, while 100 to 110 provides a steady, non-pulsating light.
  • Flexible Time Settings: Set the treatment duration from 5 to 30 minutes across 6 different time intervals. The device automatically sets to 20 minutes upon startup.

Red for Muscle Pain and Neuralgia 
Wavelength: 623nm

Blue for Whitening 
Wavelength: 470nm

Green for Resolving Skin Troubles
Wavelength: 512nm

Yellow for Muscle Pain and Neuralgia 
Wavelength: 590nm

Red-Blue for Managing Outer Skin Layer

Red-Yellow for Improving Fine Lines

All Colors for Rapid Dermal Management

The Bio Light 7000 Enhances Skincare with Advanced Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy: Red light, also known as Photobiomodulation, can reduce fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen synthesis and improving skin elasticity. It also smoothens the skin and reduces wrinkles, while helping with signs of sun damage. Research has shown red light therapy to be effective for treating acne. Red light therapy is promoted as a treatment for various common skin conditions, including improving wound healing, reducing stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, enhancing facial texture, and addressing psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. It has also shown benefits in improving scars, sun-damaged skin, hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia, and acne.

Blue Light Therapy: The blue light setting helps in skin whitening and clearing blemishes for a more even skin tone. Blue light therapy, or photodynamic therapy (PDT), has multiple benefits for the skin. It can treat sun damage by reducing the risk of skin cancer and improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin. Additionally, PDT may remove precancerous and cancerous skin growths that are localized. The FDA has approved PDT for treating actinic keratosis. Furthermore, blue light therapy can help with acne, psoriasis, and skin injuries by increasing circulation and promoting cellular turnover. This results in smoother, brighter, and more even-toned skin, as well as reducing healing time for wounds and scars.

Green Light Therapy: The green light provides a calming treatment for sensitive or irritated skin, reducing redness. Green light therapy, or LED therapy, can benefit the skin by reducing hyperpigmentation. It decreases the production of melanin, which leads to dark spots, freckles, and age spots fading. Additionally, it can help with reducing inflammation, particularly beneficial for conditions like rosacea. Green light therapy also aids in balancing skin tone and promoting even melanin production. Furthermore, it accelerates skin repair by stimulating healing, enhancing skin firmness and elasticity, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Yellow Light Therapy: The yellow light mode focuses on skin rejuvenation by smoothing fine lines and promoting skin repair. Yellow light therapy, known as LED therapy, benefits various skin issues. It stimulates skin cells and supports cell regeneration. Additionally, it boosts collagen production in the skin. The therapy also enhances blood flow to the area, aiding in oxygen delivery and waste removal. Furthermore, yellow light's anti-inflammatory properties can reduce redness and soothe irritated skin. It can also shrink pores and improve skin texture by promoting cellular renewal. In managing acne, yellow light targets bacteria that cause breakouts. Lastly, yellow light therapy helps treat damage from UV radiation.

Photoactivation: The Science of LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is based on the principle of photoactivation, where specific cellular responses are induced by the application of LED light. Using low-output LEDs emitting specific wavelengths of light, the therapy interacts with cells through photobiomodulation. This process triggers biological reactions by stimulating chromophores like cytochrome c oxidase, increasing cellular energy production. The heightened ATP production provides cells with the energy needed for repair, growth, and regeneration. Experience the benefits of LED light therapy for enhanced cellular function and rejuvenation.

Activate your skin's fibroblasts with specific LED light wavelengths to boost collagen and elastin production. LED light therapy enhances tissue repair, improves skin elasticity, and texture. Experience reduced inflammation, improved circulation, and enhanced cellular signaling with LED light therapy. Backed by clinical studies, LED light therapy is a non-invasive and well-tolerated approach to promote cellular responses. Customize your LED light therapy with wavelength, intensity, and treatment duration for optimal results. Benefit from a controlled and beneficial stimulation of biological processes with LED light therapy.

Bio Light Settings

Intensity Options: ou can adjust the intensity from level 1 to 10.
Pulse Options: Pulse has 11 levels from 10 to 110. For levels 10 to 90, it's pulse functionality. For levels 100 to 110, it's a steady light, and pulse functionality is 0.
▶ 10~30: Muscle depth ▶ 40~60: Subcutaneous layer
▶ 70~90: Dermis layer ▶ 100~110: Epidermal layer
Time Options: Time can be adjusted in 6 levels from 5 to 30 minutes. When the device is turned on, it's automatically set to 20 minutes.
▶ DERMIS LAYER: 20 minutes

Using the Bio Light with SF10 Premium Serum with Penellagen

SF10 Premium Facial Serum comes in a 25ml / 0.85 fl.oz packaging, and it is typically used for 2 to 4 weeks. The smaller packaging is designed to prevent extended exposure to oxygen after opening, aiming to maintain product effectiveness. Containing 10% non-decomposable collagen, the SF10 Serum utilizes micro-liposome technology to deliver collagen to the dermis. Collagen integration into the dermal layer primarily occurs during the evening hours. Therefore, applying the SF10 Serum before bedtime yields optimal results. The Bio Light assists in ensuring the collagen effectively adheres to and survives in the dermal layer. The facial application areas are categorized into a total of 12 sections: forehead, crow's feet beside the eyes (x2), under-eye areas (x2), lines beside the nose (x2), lines beside the lips (x2), area beneath the lower lip and chin, front of the neck (both sides).

Apply one drop of serum to each of these 12 sections. Once serum has been applied to all 12 areas, gently pat and massage with your hands to aid absorption. After completing this process, you can proceed to use the Bio Light. 

Recommended Skincare Routine:
▶ It is advisable to use the Bio Light once every two weeks.
▶ Apply SF10 Serum every evening.
▶ Use the SF3 Micro Current Mask every other day.

Using the Bio Light 7000 with SF10 Premium Facial Serum and/or the SF3 Facial Mask with Micro Current

  • Start by drinking a glass of water, preferably alkaline (see the Richway Alkal-Life 3000sL).

  • Cleanse your face with a warm towel (place a wet towel in the microwave for 40 seconds).

  • Apply SF10 Premium Serum gently, allowing it to absorb into the face.

  • Set up the Bio Light with Intensity 10, color 7, pulse 90, and time 20 minutes.

  • Rest for 10 minutes after the session​.

  • Once finished, apply SF3 Facial Mask with Micro Current (see directions for mask) This step is without the Bio Light.

Using the Bio Light with the Biomat

All healing happens more easily when both body and mind are at peace.  The Richway Biomat Professional (or any size Biomat) is a great addition to Bio Light sessions as it helps muscles relax, increases blood flow, alleviates joint and muscle pain, improves mental focus, and detoxifies the body.  Time is something that most people do not have to spare so why not tackle multiple healing goals at once?  The gentle warmth of the Biomat beneath you while the Bio Light sends light therapy from above is a perfect pairing of these advanced healing systems.