Biomat Amethyst Pillow for Natural Infrared Therapy and Comfort While Using the Biomat

Posted by on 31st Mar 2024

Biomat Amethyst Pillow for Natural Infrared Therapy and Comfort While Using the Biomat

Imagine unwinding each night on a pillow not just designed for comfort, but infused with healing properties straight from the Earth's own treasures. The Richway Amethyst Pillow promises not only rest but rejuvenating sleep through the power of natural infrared therapy. With roots in both modern technology and ancient wellness practices, this innovative product aims to transform your sleep into a restorative journey.

Richway utilizes the healing properties of Amethyst, known for its ability to emit far-infrared radiation and create a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing. As the world grows more conscious of holistic health, alternative therapies like the The Amethyst Pillow and Richway's flagship product, the Biomat, offer a comforting embrace of nature and science.

In this article, we will explore the various facets of the Amethyst Pillow—from its ergonomic design that fosters a supportive sleep posture to its far-reaching health benefits, such as pain relief and improved circulation. Moreover, we delve into the practical aspects of shipping, customer experiences, and the rigorous testing that substantiates its therapeutic claims. Join us in unravelling the transformative impact this product could have on your daily life.

Product Overview

The Richway Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow is more than just a place to rest your head at night; it's a harmony of science and relaxation, designed to ensure a supportive sleep posture while providing the potential to enhance your overall well-being. Nestled within its ergonomic design, the pillow integrates a therapeutic shape that adapts to the contours of your head and neck, offering stabilization and keeping the spinal column aligned. The core of the pillow is ochre-infused memory foam, which is then wrapped in a case infused with amethyst and tourmaline. The interplay of these gemstones not only promotes pain alleviation but also aids in body detoxification, setting the stage for a transformative restful sleep experience. A luxurious 100% cotton velour cover, complete with a zipper for ease of maintenance, comes with the pillow. The Amethyst Pillow measures an accommodating 19”x12”x4.3”, offering ample space to accommodate various sleeping positions.

The Biomat and its Therapeutic Properties

The Amethyst Pillow serves as a perfect complement to the Richway Biomat®, a medical-grade device esteemed for its therapeutic benefits. As the pillow cradles your head in comfort, your body absorbs the gentle warmth of infrared rays from the Biomat, known to enhance blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve stress. Innovative in every aspect, the Biomat's cutting-edge components include those very same amethyst and black tourmaline channels that grace the pillow, providing pain relief and relaxation and backed by FDA 510K indications.

The ingenuity of the Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow's design means it delivers the advantages of far infrared rays and negative ion therapy while maintaining a cool temperature for the head. Unlike the Biomat, the Amethyst Pillow does not heat up. This unique attribute affords a restful sleep and extends the healing benefits without the necessity of heating the head, ensuring a peaceful and rejuvenating slumber. Whether combined with the Biomat Professional or the more compact Biomat Mini, the pillow serves as an effective tool for targeted relief and support during those vital therapeutic sessions.

Amethyst Pillow

Amethyst Pillow and its Benefits

Enveloping you in a cocoon of wellness, the Amethyst Pillow boasts a multitude of benefits, standing out as more than just a component of your bedding. At its heart, the combination of natural Amethyst and black tourmaline crystals work ceaselessly to improve blood circulation, decrease inflammation, give pain relief (great for headaches, neck aches, muscle pain), and elevate your relaxation and stress relief to new heights. This temperature-regulating marvel ensures that while your body indulges in the warmth from the Biomat, while keeping your head cool, translating into a sensation of refreshment when you awake. The pillow does not heat up like the Biomat. Important note: Even without the heat from the Biomat, the amethyst and tourmaline in the pillow still emit infrared therapy and negative ions to the head.

For those with a keen eye on health and hygiene, the Amethyst Pillow's antibacterial properties make it a prime choice for those afflicted with allergies or sensitivities, delivering a clean sleeping surface night after night. Beyond its plush exterior lies a fortress of amethyst and black tourmaline channels, that emit a gentle cascade of far-infrared radiation and negative ions, the pillow not only invokes a state of relaxation but also partners with a Biomat to ensure your rest is a healing and transformative journey.

So while you experience the radiating warmth generated by the BIomat, the Amethyst PIllow keeps your head cool while still delivering the same far infrared rays to the head. The negative ions purify the air around your head so that you are breathing the best air possible while enjoying your Biomat session.

Tourmaline, Amethyst, and Their Role in the Amethyst Pillow

Tourmaline crystals are integral to the Amethyst Pillow's design, contributing significantly to its therapeutic capabilities. Boasting natural healing attributes, black tourmaline within the Biomat Pillow serves as an intensive negative ion generator. These negative ions have many healthy purposes including purifying the air, improving cell communication, oxygenation, and have been proven to improve focus and mood.

The amethyst in the pillow amplifies the far infrared rays coming from the Biomat while producing its own infrared radiation. These light rays have been shown to relieve pain, increase circulation, relax muscles and more.

The carefully arranged channels of amethyst and tourmaline within the pillow enhance the therapeutic properties of the Biomat, ensuring users benefit fully from the mat's energetics.

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Made With an Ergonomic and Innovative Design

Engineering a supportive sleep posture is a cornerstone of the Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow's design ethos. Its ergonomic shape and composition safeguard spinal alignment, crucial for preventing common back and neck issues that can arise from improper sleeping postures. The therapeutic contour of the pillow provides superior neck support, while also cradling the head in comfort, ensuring an anatomically correct sleep posture is maintained throughout the night. The space age memory foam contours itself to the individual over time because everyone is different and what's ergonomically correct for one person isn't necessarily that for another.

The pillow's design incorporates ochre-infused memory foam that adapts to the individual's head and neck, fortifying a supportive sleeping posture and contributing to a more restful sleep. The pillow's ergonomic structure is built on the principles of sleep science, fostering not only a comfortable sleeping position but also longevity in the benefits of a supportive sleep environment. Encased within the ochre cushion are anti-microbial enzymes that work tirelessly to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria, enhancing the healthiness of the resting area.

The BioMat Pillow’s therapeutic design goes beyond comfort, as it stabilizes the neck and aligns the spine. This not only enhances the full-body treatment experienced on the BioMat but also promotes postural health, which is crucial for restorative sleep and overall physical health. Furthermore, the integration of amethyst, tourmaline, and ochre-infused memory foam uniquely targets discomfort such as headaches and neck pain. These pains can be further aggravated by heat, which is mitigated by the pillow's innovative heat dispersion design.

Richway products are made with advanced technology, engineering, and craftsmanship to exceed your quality, performance, and design expectations. The use of 3D surface removal production technology helps prevent the pillow from yellowing.

Rows of amethyst and black tourmaline crystals do more than add aesthetic appeal; they actively contribute to improved blood flow and reduced inflammation. When combined with heat therapy sessions, whether on a BioMat Professional or BioMat Mini, the cooling effect of the BioMat Pillow ensures that the advantageous properties of the healing stones are experienced in full measure without causing discomfort from overheating.

Biomat Pillow

Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

The Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow stands truly remarkable in its dual role: providing a supportive rest for the head and neck while also engaging in therapeutic action thanks to the natural Infrared and Negative Ion healing attributes of its core crystal components. Especially, black Tourmaline, as a powerful Negative Ion generator, has been associated with improved circulation and decreased inflammation. This can be immensely beneficial for those seeking relief from various bodily discomforts and chronic pains.

The Biomat's technology, which includes the pillow, offers an FDA-approved solution for temporary alleviation from minor muscular and joint discomforts such as spasms, strains, and arthritic pains. The warmth of far-infrared rays coupled with the subtle energies of negative ions not only induces deep relaxation but also provides tangible comfort that aids in facilitating quality sleep and reducing discomfort. Clinical studies have supported these claims, showing significant benefits in the realms of stress reduction, easing muscle tension, and managing aches and pains, thereby fostering a state of relaxation and well-being among users.

Improved Circulation and Sleep Quality

In the tranquil repose of night, the Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow serves both as a bastion of coolness and a conduit for enhanced circulation. The pillow is deliberately crafted to counteract the heat from far-infrared treatments, thus promoting comfort and relaxation that is conducive to improved sleep quality. Working in tandem with the sauna-like warmth of the Biomat, it employs infrared and negative ion therapies to facilitate better blood flow, all the while maintaining an agreeably cool temperature around the head area.

Supportive sleep posture, an essence of the Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow's design, aids in maintaining proper spinal alignment—often a decisive factor in preventing back or neck discomfort and consequential sleep disturbances. The memory foam of the pillow molds to the shape of the head and neck, providing anatomical harmony that endorses a restful sleep position. Such ergonomic support has garnered attention from healthcare practitioners across varied fields, including chiropractors and massage therapists, who acknowledge its aesthetic and functional benefits in potentially enhancing the sleep quality of their patients.

Alternative Therapies and Ayurvedic Health Concepts

Embracing the wisdom of alternative therapies and ancient Ayurvedic health principles, the Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow provides more than just comfort. It integrates the dynamics of natural infrared therapy to augment blood circulation, diminish inflammation, and cultivate relaxation and stress relief. This therapeutic pillow includes premium memory foam and emits far infrared rays and negative ions passively, without relying on electric attributes—mirroring an alignment with holistic and quantum energy principles of healing.

Ayurvedic teachings inspire the design imperative to keep the cranium cool while the body benefits from the BioMat's warming infrared rays; the pillow impeccably balances these contrasting needs. In addition to being non-electric, it is devised with antibacterial material, offering a hygienic solution for those with allergies or sensitivities, all encased within a durable 100% cotton chassis.

Representing the therapeutic curvature that Ayurveda and quantum healing espouse, the ergonomic shape of the Amethyst Pillow serves to stabilize the neck while providing traction and comfort, particularly for therapeutic sessions. This holistic approach to health and wellness positions the Richway BioMat and Amethyst Pillow as not just sleep accessories but vehicles of profound, restorative therapy.

Warranty and Return Policy

Richway stands behind their products with a solid Repair Service Policy that outlines the procedures for product repairs, applicable to both Customers and Independent Sales Associates. Likewise, their Return Policy establishes the necessary steps for product returns. For any returns intended for refund, repair, or exchange, an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number is required.

Please keep in mind that the manufacturer's warranty does not encompass products that are opened, used, repaired by a third party, repackaged, or resealed. Repair fees for servicing your Richway product will vary, contingent on whether it's under warranty and the type of product in question.

Anti-Microbial Enzymes

The pillow leverages the naturally antibacterial potential of Amethyst and the purity of anti-microbial enzymes. By infusing ochre memory foam with these enzymes, tests have demonstrated the material's capability to suppress common bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli by 99.9%, offering additional assurance for health-conscious consumers.

Authenticity Testing of Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals

Essential to the pillow's therapeutic benefits, natural Amethyst and black Tourmaline crystals are subjected to rigorous authenticity testing. This verification process guarantees the high quality and genuineness of the crystals, assuring users of their therapeutic integrity. The Amethyst crystals within the pillow are known for producing far-infrared rays, which help enhance blood circulation and oxygenation of the body, contributing to a restorative sleep experience. Meanwhile, the black tourmaline works as a potent generator of negative ions that can aid in reducing inflammation and relieving stress. Their inclusion in the design is thoroughly considered not only for their healing properties but also to keep the head and neck cool, providing relief for those suffering from headaches or neck tension, while adding an extra layer of protection against bacteria.

Is there a warranty on the product?

The Richway Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow is backed by a strong warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and product longevity: a 1 Year Full Warranty coupled with a 3 Year Limited Warranty. Customers should note that this warranty coverage does not extend to damage from improper care such as exposure to liquids, neglect, and natural disasters. To benefit from these services, retaining purchase records is essential. It is also important to make purchases through official channels, as items bought unofficially may not be eligible for repair or replacement. Should a product be returned within the warranty period without any found issues, return shipping costs may be charged to the customer.

How often should the BioMat and Amethyst Pillow be used for optimal results?

The frequency of use for the BioMat and the Amethyst Pillow should be tailored to individual needs and comfort for the most beneficial outcomes. Intended primarily for targeted relief rather than everyday sleeping accommodations, the usage of these therapeutic items can vary. Some may find brief, regular sessions to be the most effective, while others may prefer to use them sporadically, focusing on periods of heightened tension or discomfort. Listen to your body—optimal results are achieved by utilizing these healing tools to ensure relaxation, alleviate discomfort, facilitate detoxification, and boost the immune system as needed by the user.