The National Institute of Health says that visceral fat around the abdomen as we age is a public health problem. The Richway Biobelt 7000mx uses far infrared rays (FIR) to generate heat inside the body just like the Biomat.  In fact, it is the same exact technology with a twist.  Instead of just amethyst, the Biobelt has eight different crystals with different healing properties that when heated, penetrate the abdomen (or wherever on the body it is used) and warm it, providing detoxification and helping to reduce body fat. 


The Biobelt is also great for back pain, muscle pain, arthritis pain, muscle spasms, joint pain and increased circulation and is FDA approved for relief of these symptoms.

Included with the Biobelt 7000mx:

·         Biobelt 7000mx

·         Biobelt 7000MX Controller

·         User Manual

·         1 Year Full Warranty, 3 Year Limited Warranty

·         Extended life-time repairs (Care Program)


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Richway Biobelt 7000mx

The Biobelt 7000mx is the newest member of the Biomat family.  It uses EIGHT different stones to generate far infrared rays (FIR), invisible light that penetrates the body and provides a gentle, healing warmth that results in health benefits.  The biobelt also produces negative ions that replenish the air around you, making it healthier to breathe.  Negative ions are negatively charged molecules that purify oxygen and are what you notice when you go out into nature, like to the beach or the mountains.  With the biobelt, you have more freedom to move around while using Richway's FIR technology.  It has an extra long cord so that you can stand and walk around.  The other benefit to it's design is that it targets specific areas of the body and the belt keeps the therapy just where you need it!



At the top, the text "Eight Precious Jewels" and below it "Smooth far-infrared rays generated from over 8 different types of jewels:"  Images of stones with their names include: Amethyst, tourmaline, green jade, crystal, citrine, topaz, tiger's eye, elvan.

The Eight Stones of the Biobelt 7000mx

Amethyst - If you've been looking at Biomats even just a little, then you already know that amethyst is nature's tranquilizer, but it is also nature's best conductor of far infrared rays.  Amethyst amplifies the infrared rays the Biomat generates by 200 times.

Tourmaline - produces negative ions and far infrared rays.  Tourmaline is known to be the crystal that emits the most negative ions. Known throughout history to be the stone that calms emotions and increases focus.

Green Jade - produces far infrared rays and negative ions.  Known throughout history to be the stone of peace and serenity.

Quartz Crystal - produces far infrared rays.  Known throughout history to be the master healer stone and supports the entire energetic system.

Citrine - produces far infrared rays.  Most citrine is formed by heating purple amethyst.  It is known as the stone that alleviates depression, increases optimisim and relieves digestive issues.  Known as the "Light" stone as it was thought that citrine could hold sunlight to the ancients.  They weren't wrong.  Citrine captures certain wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum and releases them when heated, including far infrared light.

Topaz - produces far infrared rays.  Known as the stone of good fortune and love and for directing energy where it needs to be.

Tiger's Eye - produces far infrared rays.  Known to promote mental clarity, increase focus and courage.

Elvan - produces far infrared rays. Known for benefiting the skin.

Why use all of these stones?  The reason Richway has included all of these stones in the belt is to deliver far infrared rays with different frequencies.  Every stone that emits FIR has a different frequency and all of them provide benefits that the others don't.  Each penetrates the body and the vibrational resonance that occurs with each stone's FIR delivers a different frequency for various types of healing.  Combining these eight stones covers the range of vibrational frequencies within the far infrared spectrum.  The result is a targeted, well-rounded far infrared therapy that can't be found anywhere else.

Biobelt 7000 mx construction

Biobelt layered construction with each layer labeled with a number 1 through 11.  At the top it says, "Revitalizing - Soothing - Rejuvenating" and below it "Richway Bio-belt 7000mx" and below that "Layers of the Bio-Belt".  Then it goes over each layer by number: "1. Surface material: Silicon Urethane with cotton. 2. Waterproof layer. 3. Amethyst, Tourmaline, Citrine, Green Jade, Crystal, Tiger's Eye, Elvan, Topaz. 4. Hyron Cotton layer for thermal insulation.  5. TOCA layer made with natural tourmaline gemstones. 6. Nano Copper fabric layer for electromagnetic interception. 7. Peach and Grape Seed fiber layer for heat preservation. 8. Silicon and Teflon reverse currency heating layers with EMF interception. 9. Nonwoven fabric layer. 10. Thermal protection layer. 11. Bottom material: High quality cotton with brass pattern."

Biobelt 7000mx Specifications


5" x 58.5" - Length is adjustable up to 58.5" - One Size Fits All

Size of Infrared Heating Part

460 x 210 mm / 18.11" x 8.26"


2.4 lbs without controller - total weight / 0.77 kg / 1.69 lbs. - heating part weight

Electric Consumption



AC 120(50/60Hz) - USA, CANADA / AC 240 - International


Temperature 35-65°C / 95-149°F


Amethyst, Tourmaline, Green Jade, Quartz Crystal, Citrine, Topaz, Tiger's Eye, Elvan

Cut & Shape


The Biobelt 7000mx from Richway uses the same technology as the Biomat.  The difference is that it can be strapped around you using the velcro belt and has a longer cord so mobility is possible.  The other difference is that eight different stones are used, including Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Citrine, Green Jade, Topaz and Elvan.  Each stone brings something to fight against stress, pain and weight gain.