The Benefits of Using the Biomat Without Heat

Posted by on 1st Jun 2024

The Benefits of Using the Biomat Without Heat

Imagine a healing tool that works its wonders even without the touch of warmth. The Amethyst Biomat, a therapeutic device, offers this unique experience. Understanding the Biomat means delving into a world of alternative healing that doesn't always rely on heat.

While it is known for its soothing warmth, the Biomat's efficacy is not solely dependent on temperature. Exploring how it functions without heat will uncover the multifaceted nature of this innovative health tool. The role of negative ions and infrared light becomes central without heat, offering an array of health benefits.

In this article, we'll discover why the Biomat is more than just a heated therapy mat. From easing joint pain to enhancing blood circulation, each section will guide readers through the benefits of using the Biomat without heat and reveal how it can be a comprehensive wellness device for the whole body.

Understanding the Biomat

The Biomat is a medical device revered for its ability to alleviate joint pain, minor muscle pain, and sleepless nights. Unlike traditional methods, the Biomat relies on Far Infrared (FIR) technology to promote deep relaxation and enhance blood circulation. This advancement in medical therapy assists in raising the core body temperature and stimulates energy production at the cellular level, thereby supporting the body's natural healing processes.

An exceptional feature of the Biomat is its capability to provide therapeutic benefits without necessarily utilizing heat. When the heat setting is turned off, the Biomat delivers a soothing experience that facilitates mood enhancement, mental clarity, and body detoxification, all while ensuring a safe and stress-free environment with its built-in EMF protection and automatic temperature sensors.

Whether used atop a massage table or integrated into daily relaxation routines, the Biomat with or without heat serves as a versatile solution for a range of conditions, from minor sprains and strains to more significant aches. Its ease of use, with a machine washable cotton cover and adjustable temperature settings, ensures that the support it offers for oxygen-rich blood flow is accessible to anyone seeking to improve their overall well-being.

Key Benefits:

  • Pain relief from joint and muscle ailments
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Mood and mental alertness enhancement
  • Adjustable heat settings for tailored therapy

How Does the Biomat Work Without Heat?

The Biomat offers a unique approach to wellness that extends beyond the boundaries of heat therapy. When operating without the application of heat, the Biomat utilizes a special combination of natural materials, such as amethyst stones, which have an innate ability to emit far-infrared rays (FIR). These rays, invisible to the naked eye, are a band of energy within the light spectrum, yet do not generate heat in the traditional sense when the heat function is turned off.

However, when in contact with the human body, the far-infrared rays produced by the Biomat create a gentle warming sensation from within by stimulating friction at a molecular level. This effect is obtained as cells react naturally to the FIR vibration, enhancing energy production and circulation without the need for heat sources. Thermal sensors integrated within the Biomat ensure user safety by discontinuing electrical currents should any segment surpass the designated temperature threshold. This mechanism allows the Biomat to deliver its restorative properties safely and with fine-tuned control.

Exploring the Healing Benefits of the Biomat's Temperature Settings

The temperature settings on the Biomat offer a spectrum of healing benefits, tailored to the needs and comfort levels of the user. With its No Heat option, the Biomat still provides a wealth of advantages from negative ion therapy that induce mood and mental enhancement. At the lowest temperature range of 95-104°F, the therapy encompasses negative ion delivery with slight broad-spectrum cooling, which is beneficial for diverse health objectives.

The Amethyst Biomat encourages safe, gradual increases in temperature as per individual tolerance, suggesting usage times up to 40 minutes on higher settings to promote hydration. Special consideration is given to individuals with certain medical conditions, such as post-bypass surgery patients or those with metal within the body, who are advised to use the Biomat on lower heat settings to avoid potential discomfort from heightened heat.

Amethyst Biomat Controller

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The Role of Negative Ion Therapy in the Biomat

A cornerstone of the Biomat's health-promoting features is the release of negative ions. These negatively charged particles have the potential to energize and rejuvenate the body at a cellular level. The Biomat's layers include a distinctive combination of amethyst and tourmaline which emit negative ions, which stimulate cellular membranes, promote the elimination of waste, and enhance overall cell function.

Richway Biomats boast a tourmaline layer which significantly contributes to the production of negative ions. With these ions in play, the biomat works to restore balance in the body, assisting fluid circulation which carries therapeutic benefits to where they are needed most. The compact Amethyst Biomat Mini ensures these negative ion therapy advantages are portable and readily accessible, offering a concentrated dose of this vitalizing technology.

Harnessing the Power of Infrared Light in the Biomat

Far infrared light, the invisible spectrum of light that the Biomat emits, is a powerful component of its therapeutic repertoire. The BioMat's infrared light is unique because it penetrates the skin up to 6-8 inches, stimulating bodily functions from the inside out. This activation at a deep level fosters enhanced wellness beyond what is achievable with conventional heat therapy.

As a safer alternative to standard heating pads, the Biomat employs its advanced Electromagnetic Wave (EMF) Interceptor inside the controller made by Texas Instruments, preventing the emission of harmful electromagnetic waves. The Biomat also has three layers to prevent EMF from getting to the user. These safety features guarantee the infiltration of beneficial FIR, elevating the Biomat as one of the best infrared heating options available. The transformational heat that originates at the mat's surface radiates inward, warming the body effectively and gently for a profoundly soothing experience.

The Benefits of Using the Biomat Without Heat

The Amethyst Biomat, utilized without its heat function, offers a myriad of health advantages, harnessing the power of negative ion therapy and the natural conductivity of amethyst crystals. These elements work collectively to enhance mood, alertness, and provide a stimulating, detoxifying experience. Approved by the FDA for temporary relief of various discomforts, the Biomat is a go-to solution for those dealing with muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and more.

Temporary Relief for Joint Pain and Muscle Spams

For individuals experiencing joint pain, particularly from arthritis, as well as muscle spasms, the Biomat has been recognized by the FDA as a source of temporary comfort. It operates fundamentally by encouraging localized circulation and relaxing the muscles where applied, which can lead to a decrease in pain and stiffness. The Biomat provides this relief while maintaining a lower temperature than traditional heating pads, making it a gentle yet effective intervention.

Minor Muscle Pain and Sprain Relief

The Amethyst Biomat, without employing high heat, has been specially designed to aid in relieving minor muscle pain, minor sprains, and strains. The deep penetrating warmth generated by the infrared rays—delivered through a unique amalgamation of fabrics and amethyst stones—effectively targets areas of discomfort. The Biomat Queen 7000mx and Biomat King 7000mx models even offers separate temperature controls for each side, allowing two users to enjoy customized relief simultaneously.

Promoting Deep Relaxation and Blood Circulation

Beyond pain relief, the Biomat's capacity to enhance relaxation and blood circulation without heat is notable. The amethyst crystals coupled with negative ion therapy promote an improved mental state and provide detoxification benefits. This increase in peripheral blood flow and volume, due to the action of far-infrared rays, can improve heart function and promote the expansion of blood vessels, leading to a feeling of rejuvenation and deep relaxation after even a short session on the mat.

Overall Relaxation of Muscles

Even without the application of heat, the Biomat's technology has been clinically validated to assist in the relaxation of the muscles, as recognized by the FDA. Its use worldwide is testament to its effectiveness not only in alleviating minor muscle pain but also in contributing to the enhancement of physical activity—providing users a soothing, restorative experience that supports overall well-being. The Biomat achieves this through a symphony of far infrared rays and negative ions that work in harmony with the body's natural healing processes.

Using the Biomat for the Entire Body

The Amethyst Biomat's Far Infrared technology offers a revolutionary approach to improving health, capable of enhancing circulation and reducing inflammation throughout the entire body. The emitted Far Infrared Rays delve deeply into muscles, positively affecting even the tiniest molecules. As a holistic treatment, the regular use of the Biomat can promote healing and decrease stress, diseases, and pain—delivering lasting benefits for your entire being. Additionally, the Biomat is designed to penetrate up to six inches into the body's core, creating a unique warmth that lingers post-session, and offering diverse temperature settings to cater to various therapeutic needs. The amethyst in the Biomat emits far infrared rays with or without heat, ensuring that treatment is given on every setting.

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Healing Benefits for Chronic Pain

For individuals enduring chronic pain, the Biomat is an invaluable ally. Its deep heat soothes achy joints, fosters increased circulation, and aids in the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to muscles, thus facilitating quicker recuperation. Improved circulation—courtesy of the Biomat's infrared heat—gently warms the body from within, which in turn enhances blood flow. Consistent use of the Biomat has been shown to promote the body's own healing mechanisms while lessening the burden of stress, disease, and pain. The deep penetrating heat emitted by the Biomat also ensures reprieve and tranquility for those affected by chronic conditions linked to stress, tension, and anxiety. Conclusive experiences from users highlight the Biomat's capacity for accelerating recovery from injuries and muscle soreness with just concise sessions.


Gentle Heat for Minor Strains and Sprains

When suffering from minor muscle pain, stiffness, or sprains, the gentle heat offered by the Biomat provides profound relief. The advanced gold temperature settings trigger deeper warmth, effectively mitigating joint and muscle discomfort as well as stress and anxiety. Engaging the Biomat at red heat settings—reminiscent of a soothing sauna environment—favors intensive heat therapy periods ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. Furthermore, draping a blanket or a sheet over the body while relaxing on the Biomat allows for the absorption of increased warmth from the far infrared rays and negative ions, aiding in the removal of deep-set toxins. For more localized pain in the joints, the gold setting is optimal for 10 to 90-minute sessions, promoting an extensive state of calm and drawing out impurities. But even on the lowest temperature setting, the Biomat, without heating up, is emitting far infrared rays that soothe the body and relieve pain.

Promoting Healthy Blood Pressure and Blood Vessels

The Biomat stands as a sophisticated tool in advocating cardiovascular health. Far Infrared Rays trigger vibrations within the body even without heat, fostering energy production. The body's reaction includes dilating the cardiovascular system in response to far infrared radiation, leading to improved blood circulation without additional stress. This enhanced blood and oxygen supply, combined with the influx of negative ions, contributes to a fortified immune system and offers temporary relief from minor pain and stress. The Amethyst Biomat in particular bolsters blood circulation and aids in maintaining body temperature, without imposing strenuous stress. Users benefit significantly from the personalization of infrared heat intensity, which allows for a tailored healing experience geared to individual metabolic requirements and day-to-day changes, accentuating personal intuition and consultation with healthcare providers.


The false assumption that the Biomat is not emitting far infrared rays unless heated can be put to rest. Be assured that with or without heat, the Biomat is working to relax muscles, alleviate pain, detoxify the body and increase blood circulation. The amethyst and tourmaline crystals do not need to be heated to emit far infrared light waves or negative ions. Restful sleep, relief from pain, even raising internal body temperature, can all be achieved without heat.